Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Today's FAIL was actually a WIN

Sis was on her own today, visiting cow-orkers in The City and then a visit to the Cal Academy. Woke up Hgl at 71, so I self-medicated with Klondike bars and TV.

Got to work with a full lunchbox, no need to raid the break room till later.

Boss had me run a variation of yesterday's failed test, and when it failed on the second test suite, she said that was good news. I have no idea why.

Lunch was sweet & sour chicken steamer, fruit chunks & grapes for dessert.

Watched some YouTube clips on street food, and discovered that coriander seeds grow into cilantro plants. Coriander is the French name, cilantro is Spanish. I had no idea.

And I also stumbled across a mechanical roti maker, but they want $1k for it, pre-ordered. No thanks, because it was attached to a video on how to make roti by hand, and it's really simple. But not as simple as buying it frozen in the Asian supermarket.

Toward the end of the day it was time to put a new build on the test phone and run the weekend test, but it kept bombing out. Managers failed to tell me that there was a new version of the test suite, but I found it and it ran just fine. Will have results Monday.

Home, traffic wasn't bad. I probably could have taken 101 but didn't.

Nothing delivered, no mail.

Spot was waiting in the laundry room window. Spook was on a lower rung of the piano room tree. I gave them both treats.

Shot off a resume to a consulting company which claims the job they have for me requires no coding. I don't believe him, but it's full time with the consulting company at my usual rate, not the puny contract hourly I am now getting. Benefits probably would not be with Kaiser, so I'll probably just take the other insurances. If the job is for real.

Chatted with sis, she took all the wrong buses, but got where she needed to and also a lot of the rest of the city.

Watched PTI and the news. Kinda scary seeing the quakes and lava bursts in Hawaii. I hope my Peace Cops friend who teaches at UH is ok.

Dinner was pork buns, steamed in the microwave. I need to buy some oyster sauce before I have those again. Fish sauce was not the right answer.

Plans for tomorrow:
Change pants (cut-offs?)
Pick up sis at her hotel
Tour the Computer History Museum and NASA's visitor center/gift shop
Take sis back to her hotel by 2 so she can public transit to the A's game
Grill up some beef satay & make Thai peanut sauce

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