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Gathered the sibling unit at 9:45, got to CHM right as they opened. We hit the gift shop, but didn't buy anything, though there were lots of things she could have bought. Toured the old computers rooms and the autonomous car display, then started in on the main exhibit but at 11 we went to see the IBM 1401 demo. Then back to the main exhibit, but after an hour we needed to get going to NASA, and that maze CHM has built with only one exit took 10 minutes to get out of. It's a massive museum, wish we had spend more time there because NASA's visitor center has been stripped down, and the best exhibits were either out order or gone. We bought T-shirts in the gift shop, and there was other stuff I thought the grandkids would have liked but sis didn't.

Drove her back to her hotel, she was going to leave by 2:30 to get to the A's game by Caltrain/Bart.

I went home, pooped from walking, took a nap, Spot joined me. 4:30 or so I drove to Yamagami's and had to hunt for them, but found Thai lime trees. Bought two. Then went nextdoor to SumerWinds and looked but they didn't have any. I bought two huge strawberry plants instead.

Home, pulled out a lot of bee's friend and poppy plants which were clogging the culvert, dumped the dirt out of the two former lime tree planters. One planter broke and is in the garage the other is stacked in the corner of the porch with 2 others. Put the two new trees on the porch, and planted the strawberries out back near the 5 smaller ones.

No mail or deliveries.

Inside, gave both cats treats.

Vegged in front of the TV a bit, watched some of the A's game, recorded it in case sis shows up on the jumbotron. Took the steak marinade out of the fridge and made a bunch of satay skewers from the bits. Looks more like kabobs. Didn't want to experiment with the grill, so made a pizza for dinner instead and put the kabobs in the fridge.

Ate three pieces of pizza and two scoops of chocolate ice cream while watching Strange Rock and the news.

Plans for tomorrow:
Take sis to the Tech Museum, via light rail. Then drive by the Apple spaceships.
Take out the garbage

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