Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Sick Transit

Picked up sis at 11, drove way up to Whisman park & ride, where we missed the train as I was trying to buy a ticket. Half an hour till the next one.

Halfway to our destination, we all got kicked off the train and sent across the street to a bus. "Bus bridge" followed the light rail tracks about 1/3 of the way, then onto another train to the convention center. Walked to The Tech. My BofA card got me in free, I treated sis to admission and the IMAX movie about pandas. Excellent content, but obviously not shot in IMAX, converted from lower resolution.

Saw all the exhibits, none of them were broken, except a few I had tagged did not show up online later. (Many exhibits ask you to slide your ticket's barcode into the reader, with a promise of being able to see your results online).

Toured the gift shop, sis bought some stuff this time, then ducked into the cafe for a snack. Walked across the street through the Paseo, and caught the train after a 20-minute wait. Bus was not waiting for us - it arrived in 10 minutes. And the train left the station as the bus pulled in - not my idea of a bus bridge. Another half-hour wait.

Back at Whisman, I drove us out the the Apple spaceship, which isn't very visible from the street. But we got a good look at the triple space ship still under construction not far from my place.

Took sis to her hotel, her plane leaves at 10:30 tomorrow morning.

Home, took out the garbage, pulled out a lot more plants which were overgrowing the culvert. Broke down the boxes & bundled them.

Delivered were two sets of large band aids.

Dinner was alleged crab cakes and egg rolls.  The package for the former claims there is actual crab in the cakes, but one would need a microscope. It was all filler.

Chocolate ice cream & walnuts for dessert.

Watched Graham Norton, and FFed through the news.

Today was full backup day for my 10TB drive, which only has a little over 3TB on it. It just finished a few minutes ago.

Plans for tomorrow:
Work. They asked us to show up after 10 to avoid annual conference traffic
Home. Maybe make satay

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