Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Another no-satay night :-(

Blame OCD. I read something on CBC.com about 100+-year-old sourdough starter and realized it has been years since I tried to make some. And I wanted to make rye sourdough. So after work instead of going home and grilling up the satay, I went to the big Safeway ISO rye flour.

They didn't have any. Whole wheat, gluten free, even almond flour, but no rye. I did buy three buckets of cut fruit though.

On to nearby Trader Joe's. Nope.

Whole Foods should have some, so I headed for the new one on Lawrence Expressway, which turned out the be on Great America Parkway (Bowers Ave, actually, on that side of 101). They had many small-ish packages, two brands, so I got 4 of the light colored and two dark. Also found a pizza slicer wheel.

By the time I got home it was after 7:30. Threw three pieces of frozen pizza in the zapper and that was dinner.

Today was the start of Google I/O and we were told not to show up till after 10 because traffic, so I waited till 9:55 to leave home, but the advice was crap because it took 20 minutes to get off 101 from my exit.

The weekend test of the phone looked better than last time, I forwarded the info to the managers.

Reply from Europe to a bug report of mine, they sent what looked liked a jpg of their machine failing, but it turned out to be a video of them not knowing how to just record the part which showed the machine was working correctly.

That made me hook up their machine again, and when I did so, the failed app updated itself, and magically it worked. They had sent the unit with an older version of the app, which is why it had failed. Updated the bug & the spreadsheet.

The rest of the day I watched various live streams, mostly of people in other cities/countries walking around shopping and being tourists.

Delivered was a lot of socks, and a nice silver chain. In the mail were two invitations from LifeLock offering to protect the identities of two people who haven't lived here in 4 years. Good luck with that.

Watched PTI and Lost Lives.

Dessert was chocolate mochi x 3

Plans for tomorrow:
Work on time
Home. Satay.
Sourdough starter if I can find a 2-qt container

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