Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Back to Normal Ish

Up with the alarm, played fetch with Spot while I did my bathroom stuff - he loves jumping into the tub to get a catnip mouse and bring it back to me. He gets very upset when I throw it onto the top shelf, because he can't see it when he's right under it.

In Spook news, the livingroom sofa cover is in the wash because she used it as a litterbox.**

Got to work a wee bit late because AG called late and we chatted while I was in the parking lot.

Spent most of the day watching the live stream from the developers' conference down the block, they did not tell us the name of release P, they just kept calling it P. Many new features, some of them are disgustingly like Microsoft 10 years ago where they have decided they know what you want more than you do. The morning main stage presentations were very well done, but the afternoon sessions had presenters who should have found someone who is used to public speaking in English, and there were network issues. And lots of repeats. Note to I/O planners: if you have live streams going from 3 different stages, it's better to have three different presentations, not the same one on all three feeds. Actually, those were mostly off-stage interviews.

As predicted, Boss canceled. But I knew that was going to happen.

Lunch was BBQ beef steamer. Way too many potatoes. Cantaloupe dessert. Lots of very attractive women made grab and go visits to the break room, two I/O related workshops across the hall.

There was no actual work to be done. So I walked to the company store and bought a mini for the kitchen and a Chromecast for the bedroom TV. There were some very sexily dressed visitors, as well as a gang of jerks from Brazil. The Google Earth machine has been repaired, I left it pointed to my old digs in Haad Yai, which is apparently now a military hospital named for a general I'd met on the train way back then.

Home, the trip took 15 minutes longer than it should have because of inept traffic control at the Shoreline intersection. They put the lights on flashing red and had one person directing traffic.

**First thing I did when I got home was take the 2nd litterbox out of the shed and set it up in the guest room, near the door. I'm hoping Spook finds it. Worried, because she has not been grooming herself as meticulously as she used to.

Fired up the burners under the grill, and finished making satay. Enough for 2 servings. Also made my signature peanut sauce, so after dinner my tongue was numb for about an hour.

It got a little smoky, so I opened the front and back doors, and forgot to close the screen on the back door so Spot got out. He ran away when I went after him, but as all my cats do, he came back on his own after half an hour. And yelled for another hour. Spook watched him from the front windows.

Watched PTI and the news. Dessert was chocolate ice cream from the container and an egg cream.

Plans for tomorrow:
Work @ the usual time
Maybe charge the car and people-watch before heading home

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