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Experiment Day

Up with the alarm, but not out of bed right away. Traffic was going to be much better, and it was with the conference over.

The phone automation was still running, and it inspired me to opt in on my own Pixel phone for the Android P beta. That was a FAIL,  starting with "Okay Google" not working, and none of my clock widgets kept time - they froze until they were poked. Several other most-used apps were iffy or inop. I opted out, which was a royal pain because (I knew this when I signed up) they wiped all my personal data. Spent most of the afternoon copying things back.

Lunch was sweet & sour chicken steamer, then off to Kaiser Urology. New (to me, but about my age) doc was very terse, but gave me the info and prescription I was after. And he even buttonholed me in the pharmacy to offer further help.

Home, tried the meds. They helped some, but not enough. The further help may fix that, it means a visit to his nurse. The meds also gave me a headache, my fault because I knew that would happen but failed to take some Dayquil first.

Made a big omelet with turkey bologna, Swiss and cheddar and lots of spices. Chocolate ice cream for dessert.

Watched PTI and the news.

No Janice for the next two weeks, she is traveling.

Updated my cats page with Zoe and Spot.

Applied the wire brush to the grill, but it still needs to be re-seasoned.

Plans for tomorrow:
Get the rod & reel and salmon eggs out of the shed and try them out at Ed Levin Park
Maybe hit Ranch 99 on the way back


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May. 12th, 2018 06:17 pm (UTC)
I have been very lucky with P on my Pixel. I have one app that won't work and that's it. And that app is not critical but actively kept up so I'm sure it will be fixed soon. Everything else works great and most things work better than Oreo. That's a bummer to have to redo.
May. 12th, 2018 07:45 pm (UTC)
Glad to hear it. I'm not too bummed because at work I have a loaner Pixel which I flash every week with the latest P build from the internal "flashstation" site, and run the certification test suite on it over the weekend. I could hook up my own phone to that if I wanted to, but unlike the beta it will wipe my data right up front, so for now I'll stick with O.
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