Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Mundane Monday

I thought I would try Skype at work, since it's now on the laptop and home PC, and work was the reason I got it in the first place. Brought an el cheapo producto headset to work, plugged it into the front panel audio jacks, and...silence. So I opened the box and discovered that the front panel audio connectors were tied up in a neat bundle, disconnected. And there was nothing on the motherboard to tell me where they should connect to. So I hit up the IT guy for the make & model of the motherboard, and went to their web site to find the answer. Downloaded the manual for thr ASUS P4P800-VM and was amused that the front panel connector was way in the back. On the opposite side of the board from the rear audio connectors. And no wonder I missed them, they had jumpers in place which disable the front panel jacks.

Connected them according to the manual, and got audio but no mike response. Yes, the audio drivers are the latest and yes, I had the right software settings. Maybe I'll mess with it more later, maybe I'll just use the rear mike jack.

Went to Starbucks last night and read a bit. I'd already done all my online stuff, and I find that when I have the laptop in front of me I miss most of the eye candy. Last night this did not matter, it was almost all men, including a total jerk who was there with three young boys (grade school age) who should have been in bed by that hour. He was loud and stupid, reaching his peak when a couple of local cops came in for a break, he loudly told the boys that the cops knew they were bad boys, and had come to get them. And he went on and on like that, well past when the cops left. I finally gave up trying to read and left too.

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