Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Sooner than expected

Spot attacked my back at 5 am, after three times I tossed him out of the bedroom and closed the door. Back in bed, I found the large tie wrap he's been wrestling with and threw it away.

I took my time getting out of bed, AG called at 8:30, I wasn't even dressed yet. Called him back from the road 15 minutes later. He had an interesting Mother's Day - his wife was called in to work on an emergency - she owns a hair & nails place. He kept her company, and their son gave her a hand-made present.

I don't miss my mom. She's still deep inside me, on the one hand I got her musical acumen and sense of humor, but I also got her diabetes, heart condition, kidney disease and enough Jewish Guilt to keep me from any serious relationships.

At work, the pixel phone test ran well over the weekend, but it was a case of TMI, so manager asked me to run just 6 of the test modules. They have to run one at a time, and it took all day, but less time than a complete test. And while I was at it, I installed my favorite clock widget, and susandennis will be happy to know that on Friday's internal release it kept time correctly, after I fiddled with the time zone setting (I shouldn' have had to, TZ comes from the network).

While that was running I browsed through channels on the Pluto app. NASA's live feed went dead for a while.

Lunch was tuna salad sandwich from yesterday and mixed cut fruit, mostly pineapple, a few strawberries and inedible unripe kiwi fruit.

Earlier in the day Kaiser phoned, the medical equipment rep will be there tomorrow, so I made a 10 am appointment. Apparently Medicare covers the equipment, but Kaiser's web site waffles about what percentage. The list price seems to be around $125, looking at other sources.

Lost track of time watching a replay of last Thursday's NASA Ames podcast, out the door at 5:35. Home, traffic was bearable.

Delivered was Kaiser meds which should have been mailed sooner, a combination tripod and selfie stick and Amazon's snack pack. Lots of interesting and possibly edible stuff in there. Mango cashews. Some irony here because in Thai, cashew (ต้นมะม่วงหิมพานต์) is literally mango nut.

Spook came out from under the futon and slept on it most of the day, but is now under the cat tree by the porch windows. She needs a bath. And she needs to stop being freaked out by Spot.

Pulled out more Bee's Friend plants and revealed some pretty blue lilac flowers. Found the hole for the spirit house pole, but need to get something to deepen it and maybe shim it. It's in there tentatively now. It's a standard tiki pole, maybe Lowe's has something.

Watched PTI and Long Lost Family. The latter always induces contact crying.

Dinner was the rest of the satay, done on the new non-stick grill, with half of the rest of the peanut sauce. Mochi for dessert. One of my Sci-fi/theater friends has a problem cat named Mochi.

And I'll leave you with another photo from yesterday:

Plans for tomorrow:
Probably try out the new equipment. Unless it has to be ordered or for some reason it's not a viable solution


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