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Haven't done an aquarium update in a while. Lots has happened. Mostly death and destruction. The large male orange gourami managed to kill all the swordtails (three males and one female). The other two orange gouramis also bit the dust, one of them after I'd put the big guy in a holding pen overnight, since he was spending all his time chasing the four small blue gouramis. He's fast & relentless, not at all like a typical gourami. Being isolated for 2 days calmed him down somewhat.

A little before he went into isolation, I saw two tiny swordtail fry swimming among the floating plants, so for their protection I put them in a breeder bin (it's fine mesh netting in a frame which hangs inside the tank). They appear to be doing well, and are no longer bait.

The shark and the remaining neon are also holding their own, as are the two plecostemi. So now the count is:

Gold gourami: 1 male
Blue Gourami: 1 lage female + 4 small probably all female (maybe one male, hard to tell at this age)
Shark: 1
Plecostemus: 2
Neon: 1
Bettas: 1 male, two large + two small females

And lots of plants, both natural and plastic. The bulbs sprouted fine, but the leaves started to rot almost as soon as they grew out. I've added some aquarium fertilizer to the water, we'll see if that helps. They have plenty of light, both from the tank and indirect sunlight from the window.

I think I'll leave off buying any more fish. Not sure how long this hobby will last.

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