Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Not as pumped up as I wanted to be

Up late because 10 am appointment at Kaiser. I thought it was going to be with a nurse hands-on showing me how to operate a medical device, but instead it was a technical salesperson from the company which sells it to Kaiser demonstrating it. I was impressed with the presentation, but not the equipment. I told him to order me one, but may rescind that if it is not covered by Medicare. He said they stopped coving it in 2015, but Medicare.gov says they will cover 80% of one per household per lifetime. Frankly, I can find a better one over the counter.

On my way home I stopped off at Lowe's, the tiki pole stake was too small so I bought a stand which looked large enough. Should have continued home to install it, but went to work instead.

Nothing to do at work, so I flashed a Nougat STB with Oreo, since the manager hasn't returned mine.

Lunch was tuna salad sandwich again, grapes for dessert. There were two eye-catching blondes who came in for coffee, grab & go.

Boss didn't show up for sync, or even bother to cancel.

After work, Mountain View Target, which is a mess. Took forever to find what I wanted, no staff in sight to ask. They had no beta carotene at all, not even shelf space for it. Found the vitamin D after figuring out that the shelves were stocked in alphabetical order from right to left. Were they designed by Arabs or Israelis? Softsoap refill bottles were in the women's sanity tampon aisle. Affordable 10-packs of shaving razors were in a bin way below the $30 refills. And so on. I did find a lovely Anchor Hocking glass container to upgrade the sourdough starter (had been using a quart Mason jar).

Took the long way back, which let me stop off at downtown CVS which had all the generic beta carotene 2-for-1. Pretty much all the house brand vitamins. But all I needed was ß. May go back next week for B12.

Home, wish I'd gone after Lowe's because the spirit house fell onto the road and broke off four of its wings. The stand worked, and I used four metal tent pegs to secure it. I may end up buying a new one and mounting it on a metal tiki pole staked in place.

Major cat progress: Spook was in the office window when I came home, Spot was in the laundry room window. Bookends! Spook had been on  the futon most of the day. I just saw her take the initiative and charge at Spot, in the office. Maybe she's been reading my journal. This is a good step to taking her home back, and not letting Spot bully her.

Snack pack report so far:
Cashew treats were pretty good. Tossed the two Dorito samples, I don't like corn chips, especially spicy ones. The banana chocolate coconut bits tasted like coal tar. Hippeas were good but maybe too salty for my diet. Dark chocolate Milanos are a long time favorite. Two or three more to taste tomorrow.

Watched PTI and the news. It looks like there are two new Lost Lives episodes and two of the spin-off, whose name I can't remember.

For dinner I cut up red onions and celery added mince garlic and peanut oil to a pan, and tossed in BBQ pork and some of the sauce it came with and some fish sauce, and had that over steamed rice.  Chocolate ice cream for dessert.
Listening behind me, the battle of the livingroom seems to be in play. Spook is in a position to guard the toy stash. I'm hoping that the end result will be Spot backing off from his aggression and Spook getting back partaking of the water and food in the kitchen.

Plans for tomorrow:
Writer's discussion group downtown MV

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