Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Brain Fart Day

On my calendar was a meetup with writers in a very convenient location in Mountain View at 6:30. I had the reminder set for an hour before, I thought, but it went off as I pulled into my driveway 15 minutes before. Traffic was impossible, no going back to MV.

I'd gotten distracted by two things. Thing the first: the bluetooth selfie stick/tripod was waiting to be assembled and tested. Thing the 2nd, I wanted to go back to the adult store and buy one of the rechargeable devices, having discovered online that all the ones on the web were shipped from China and I wouldn't see it for a month.

Work was work-less again, I mostly watched my favorite Twitch channel, a fellow named Raj Patel who has amazing video skilz, and his gimmick is he finds 4 hot women who have Twitch channels, splits his screen into 4 sections and places a woman in each section, then invites men one at a time to occupy a space in the middle, answer questions from the women, and they vote on whether they would date the guy. No actual dating seems to occur, but it's very entertaining both socially and technologically. I have only a vague idea how he does it. The video is easy, not the 6 audio channels.

Lunch was Safeway generic beef portobelo, which was mostly potato chunks and broccoli. Never again.

@Home, delivered was a packet of cat treat meat sticks, I gave one to Spook. Later the 22lb bag of Purina kibble arrived. I'm having second thoughts about the food tower, Spot is getting fat. Between that and his trimmed claws, he's struggling to climb the trees.

They are fighting a lot now, but Spook is coming out of hiding a lot, too. Progress.

Watched PTI and one more episode of Long Lost Family. Somehow the CW has aired two this week. Maybe 3. And its spin-off as well. This one was interesting, one of the lost boys found both his parents. The teenager who knocked up his mom while engaged to someone else came back into her life and they are married. So son got a 2-fer.

Dinner was a piece of steak from the freezer and green peas. Mochi and popsicle for dessert.

Plans for tomorrow:
Work. Hopefully there will be a new build for the phone.
Maybe Boss will show up

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