Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Another make-work day with some twists

Up almost on time, AG called as I was getting into the car, we chatted all the way to work for both of us. Grabbed stuff from the break room and proceeded to The Hole. The wild roses out front were out in force.

London shared two documents with me, but Google has that drive blocked. Even the tech writer who wrote them can't get to them. Boss was stumped. She told the writer but not me that she would look into it, so no progress till Monday.

Another day with no work from Boss, no show for sync, not even a calendar item cancel. Late in the day got email from a recruiter from a company I had hoped to get hired by after the Arris layoff. At least three of my cow-orkers did. I interviewed back then but nothing came of it. Recruiter will phone tomorrow morning. I've charged my BT headphones...

No real work, so I tested apps, and flashed today's P build on the test phone. New feature sort of (I think it's in N and O but I never saw it enforced) when you wipe a phone you need to delete the Google accounts first or it insists on you logging in with one of them before it will let you back in.

Found this out when I re-flashed the phone to unlock the apps, which were locked by the automation tests, so next door neighbor could use it.

Found a solution to a serious problem with the medical equipment. Last night it malfunctioned in a painful way, but it turned out to be a common issue, and there's a kind of filter which solves it. On order now.

In related news, since the one I bought OTC is far better than the official medical one, I called the medical company and canceled the order. But the order had not yet been placed. The sales rep tried real hard to save the sale. Got a call this afternoon from one of their customer service people who took a few minutes to understand the concept that (a) their rep is a slacker, and should have placed the order 2 days ago and (b) I didn't want it after all.

Almost stopped off at the Pear Ave Google to charge the car and stay for clam chowder at 6:30 but I'd emailed the recruiter I'd be available for a call at 7, so I went straight home. Horrendous traffic.

Dinner was half of the half roast duck from 99 Ranch, and some leftover cooked veggies. Watched two episodes of Long Lost Lives because PTI had not been recorded. Also FFed through the news. All fires all the time. I really don't need to know about minor brush fires when we have elections coming up and oh, so many other newsworthy things happening which take some actual journalism skills.

The cats continue to puzzle me. Spook spent most of the day on the futon, Spot was on the piano room tree most of the day then on the laundry room counter. When I got home, Spook was under something, Spot was in the laundry room window. and came out to say meow.

Looking at the chain I bought, it needs those little rings to attach the pendant pieces, so I ordered a jewelry kit which had a handful of them. The whole tool kit cost less than a packet of 100 rings. Looking at my three lion "charms", I figured in addition to the ivory & iron ones, I needed a jade one. I thought I had a jade pendent, visualized it but could not find it. Did find in my office closet on a top shelf the antique pottery from Thailand, which included a string of jade beads and a necklace with several Buddhist monk charms which I found snorkeling in Phuket. Or somewhere like that. But no jade pendant.

Lions on parade...

Plans for tomorrow:
Humanist movie night


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