Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

What Hump?

Saturday, nothing at all on the agenda, so I stayed in bed till 10. Laundered the sheets & quilt. Forgot to have the one remaining banana for breakfast.

Mostly stayed camped out in front of the PC and the TV. Another episode of This Is Life Live. Glad that was the last one because it was way too long and plodding.

Lunch was some peanut butter from the jar.

Outside, cleaned up the front garden a little more, then got clippers and harvested oregano and mint from the carport garden. Spent more than an hour stripping the leaves off the oregano stems, and then the mint, and putting those in separate freezer bags. The roomba is positioned to clean up after that tomorrow morning.

Finally got stir crazy, and did some research which said lavender and a pretty yellow flower called Coreopsis were a match for the all-sun, all-the-time, amended soil where the basil and strawberries were frying. So off to Lowe's, got 3 lavenders and two each of different varieties of Coreopsis. I tossed all the fried plants into a shady corner, they may still be salvaged, then planted the 7 items in their place. The chocolate mint is still hanging on there, and an onion.

Two doors down, the house was taken apart, and two halves of a new one are in its place. The aluminum roofing is making thunder sound effects. I'll have to ask Louis what happened to the annoying and suspicious man who lived there. I saw no for sale signs.

Delivered was the jewelry kit. In the mail was another flyer urging me to vote to recall a judge who had given the bare minimum sentence to a rapist. I will be voting to kick him off the bench, on the theory that if the legislators had intended judges to be shielded from recall, they would not have made it an elected office. I personally have a hard time with the concept of elected judges and sheriffs.

Wanted to go to the opening of Hunchback at a local community theater, but it was sold out, so I have a ticket for tomorrow's matinée. Way too many people I know are in it. I almost did not go because the woman who screwed up my audition for La Cage stupidly took on a leading role in Hunchback when she should have devoted her time to producing La Cage. But she's only one of about 20 friends in the show.

Dinner was the other 1/4 duck, with rice, mochi for desert. While watching One Strange Rock.

Been having dizzy spells again. The pacemaker was supposed to fix that. BP has been erratic, mostly low.

Before I go to sleep I need to finalize what I'll be singing for Tuesday's auditions. Their follow-up email mentioned that they understood some people would not want to dance, and we should just tell them that at check-in.

Plans for tomorrow:
Get my butt out of bed at a reasonable time
Practice audition song

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