Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

OCD strikes again. Twice.

Woke up at 4 am with Spot on my chest. I needed to tinkle anyway. Then there was him howling, which puzzled me until I saw his paw coming from the other side of the closed door.

Up again at 7:30, this time to discover the tablet's plug disconnected. Not Spot's fault entirely, the connector is at its MTBF limit. Woke for real, showered and dressed, and went online to find a tablet with a USB C connector. Those are much more robust, in large part because there is no wrong direction to plug them in, they are not trapezoidal like most of the other USB modes.

Turns out the 2018 update to the Samsung tablet I have is one. Went online at Fry's, they didn't seem to have it, but their search engine sucks, and is skewed to clearance items. Best Buy had it, so I signed in, it said it was in stock at my local-ish store, so I placed an order and paid for it on PayPal.

BB doesn't open till 11 on Sundays, so at 11 I set off for it, knowing it would be 25-30 minutes to get there. Hoping that was enough time for them to have the order up.

It wasn't.

Not only that, but I never got email from BB or PP that there was a transaction. Nothing on my BB app or PP app. Hmm. So I wandered around the store, checking out Roku TVs, and Android TVs, as well as TVs For The Rich (Sony OLED). Found the Samsung tablet display, it was empty. Zero devices in stock.

Had a nice chat with the guy assigned to answer questions and sell Google Home devices. After 20 minutes I saw the tablet order on my BB app, asking if I wanted to order it, for pickup on Thursday. No thanks. Apparently when BB saw the unit was not in stock, it canceled the PP transaction.

Time to head toward Saratoga for Hunchback matinée, with time to stop at Starbucks for a mocha and a pit stop. Nice new store took over a space which was an Italian restaurant for decades. Plenty of seats available, eye candy too. Two lockless gender-free restrooms.
Opened the Amazon app on the phone, found the same tablet for $30 less and ordered it. Next day delivery, allegedly.

Got to the theater an hour before curtain, relaxed in the sun (it was windy and chilly) until 15 minutes before, because reserved seats.

I could spend many lines of words about the show, but let's just stick with the highlights. It was a 3-act done in 2 acts, which made Act 1 way too long. Music by Alan Menken, which usually means memorable tunes, but in this case there were only two of those, the vast majority of the music being in the style of Catholic mass choral. And they had a huge chorus stuck onstage for the whole show, choral book in hand. Books in hands? And I mean huge. 8 sopranos, 7 each altos, tenors, basses. 29 bodies. Half stage right half stage left at the back of the set in bleachers 4 high. I know 10 of them. Every one has a voice which does not need amplification, and a couple of times they rattled the speakers.

Quasimodo, Frollo the bad priest and Esmeralda are all my friends. The latter has what I call an MTV voice, beautiful but she cannot be heard without her mike turned way up, which the sound clown failed to do half the time. I know her as a choreographer and dancer, and it was clear she was cast for her dance skills. Quasi is called a monster a lot in the script, which deja vu-ed me because David had not long ago played Trekkie Monster in Avenue Q. Bad Guy produced shows I was in, and I had no idea he could sing and act so well.

The only cast member who seemed wrong was the one playing the head gypsy. Turns out the part was played by a woman, but written for a man. I think she may have been trying to play it as a man. Whatever the cause, she didn't fit.

And I fell in love. One of the ensemble women who also played one of the animated statues just grabbed my attention from the start. Oh yeah, 4 of the 14-member ensemble are friends.

The orchestra was hidden, I know not where. The conductor was on a big video screen above the light booth. They were excellent.

This was the 2nd performance, I expect it will get better, and deserve the standing ovation which it got from about half the audience.

Home, watered the new flowers, took out the garbage, chatted with next door and across the street neighbor and found out that the split neighbor sold his place 3 weeks ago, and may have had it hauled to another park. They only knew for sure that he is outahere, and we will have new neighbors.

Broke down the cardboard boxes, not much of a stack once they were bundled, compared to how much space they took in the kitchen.

Put the shirts in the dryer, and the futon sheets in the washer. Spook had peed on her futon, so I put a litterbox cartridge back in the litterbox in the guest room, brought in bowls of food & water and shut the door to keep Spot out. The futon sheets are probably dry by now. Need to put the shirts away, and the sheets onto the futon and hope for the best.

Lunch was a Snickers bar at the theater. Dinner was steamed pork buns with added oyster sauce, which saved them from Bland™. Popsicles for dessert. Tightness in my chest, pulse was 112, 3 out of 4 BP readings. BP was way low. Took a beta blocker pill early, it seems to have helped. If I don't get a call from cardiology tomorrow, the system still is broken.

Plans for tomorrow:
10 am Roku phone interview
Tablet should be delivered by 8 pm, will spend time setting it up.

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