Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Stuff happened

Up on time, but took my time getting on the road. Traffic was a mess.

Flashed the test phone with today's build and ran the tests, and sent the results to the managers.

Lunch was Beef merlot steamer & grapes.

3:30 drove to Hole #2, synced with Boss and "U", the new person. She is stuck in the open plan area, shoulder to shoulder with two other people. Not a good situation.

Had a nice long chat, covered a lot of stuff, but bottom line is U is still training on the STB which I want to be testing, so I went back without any work for tomorrow.

Home, traffic was very slow. Took the long back road route at the IFH.

Delivered was the new tablet, which I plugged in and set up, and let it slurp up stuff from the cloud which my now-old tablet had put there. I also need to transfer the SD card.

Spot jumped up onto my lap and curled up in the crook of my arm, purring, for about half an hour. Then he attacked Spook, who was on the small cat tree behind me.

Re-thought my audition piece. My Way is what got me my first musical role, so it has sentimental value, but the more I thought about it, the less I liked it as an audition piece. At auditions you want something which only needs one verse to show off your skilz, and My Way needs the whole 4 minutes to get there. So I went to what I used for my last audition, In My Own Lifetime, from what may be the most obscure Broadway show ever, The Rothchilds. It's a great show, many tuneful and memorable songs, and the only reason it is rarely done is it is about a greedy banking family. Pretty much Fiddler on the Cash. It calls for 7 Type A personalities, plus Mom, who wishes it would stop, but puts up with being rich, somehow.
Here's the song from the OBC album:

That's Hal Linden, believe it or not. Sammy Davis Jr. covered it, but he doesn't quite give it enough depth.

After auditions, I went to Safeway and stocked up on cut fruit, tangerines, milk, and 4 kinds of ice cream. Breyer's was on sale 2-for-1 so I got 2 lactose-free chocolate. And one almond chocolate Lactaid (also on sale) and chocolate mochi (three brands to choose from).

And a combo of chicken drumsticks and thighs with lots of skin, because I want to make schmaltz and greeben. Most of their chicken is skinless. Wish they sold just the skin. I wonder if the Mexican market does.

Also bought some hamburger patties to go with the steak sauce, because steak prices were astronomical.

Dinner was congee with sausage bits and egg whites and pepper. I ate way too much. And finished way too much chocolate ice cream. Watched PTI and the news. And about 1/4 of the latest Below Decks. A loser -- the original yacht (based in the Bahamas) was damaged in a hurricane, the new one is in the Mediterranean, and its captain is below par. And the crew even moreso. And don't even ask about the guests.

Golden State blew tonight's game, so now they are 2-2 in the series. Bummer.

Plans for tomorrow:
Boring day at work
If I'm not called back for The Wiz, which I probably won't be, it's bingo night at the park.
And I need to set up the new tablet.
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