Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Chicken skin win

Up on time for a change, out by 8:45, so the commuter lane was useful (it stops being one at 9).

Nothing useful to do again, but there was a new version of YouTube on the reference STB so I exercised that by playing Thailand beach videos. And some of  my old haunts like Ekamai in Bangkok where I used to work and there is now a children's science museum which has expanded since I last visited. And Haad Yai night market, which is now under a roof instead of open to the sky. Ko Chang now has a road.

Lunch was Marsala fish, and mixed fruit. I have gained 10 lbs in the last month, I need to not eat throughout the day.

3:30, Hole #2, both Boss and U were late. U gave me the device she had been testing, I gave her the spare NDA-protected device. Boss suggested I test YouTube with the diagnostics turned on. Tomorrow I get to tell Boss that there are issues.

5:30, went to get my nails done, but was 15 minutes early so went to Safeway, and asked if they sold the chicken skins from the huge pile of skinned chicken parts in the butcher display. No, they don't.

Got my nails done. She clipped off the ingrown piece of thumb nail, so it doesn't hurt any more. Got salmon color which looks almost flesh tone.

Next stop was Piazza's in Palo Alto, their butcher said normally people show up early in the day for chicken skin, but he ripped some off a few thighs and "sold" me half a pound for 16 cents.

Home, cooked up an onion and some garlic, and the two remaining beef patties.  Poured shredded cheddar on two pieces of rye bread and one patty each. Open face. This time the burgers were well done, the way I like them.  Almond chocolate lactaid ice cream for dessert.

Pulse went high again, as I was watching the news. I wrote a note to the cardiologist last night, no response. Typical.

No word from Roku either, so I'm not getting that job.

Spot has been a terror. He managed to knock things off the top, middle and bottom shelves of the guest room linen rack. Spook spent most of the day out of sight.

Plans for tomorrow:
May be called to Hole 2 for a really stupid menial project with U
Pizza night with theater friends
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