Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Catching up on not catching

Monday I drove over the hills to Half Moon Bay. Got to the over-priced motel at 1, turned away because check-in time, which was not listed on their web site, is 3. Across the street was Monster Chef, Japanese place. 10 minute wait to be seated because 7-minute wait for someone to see if anyone was waiting. Tall man with Scandinavian accent showed me to a table and asked buffet or a la cart. Chose the latter because buffet was closing at 2.

Had I known there was free edame I would not have ordered some separately.The food was so-so, service was excellent but wait staff is not Asian. No tips. My a la cart bottom line was $42 compared with buffet $36 so they switched my  bill over to buffet.

Drove to the harbor, found out where to check in for the salmon trip Sunday. 5 am he says. Walked down to the docks, hung around till 3.

 Back to the motel, checked in. HUGE room facing the harbor but with the highway between.

Sleepless night, up every hour. 4 am alarm, dressed, medicated & out by 4:20. At the gathering spot by 4:25, a crowd already waiting. Staff showed up at 5:05, check-in was efficient. Walk to the boat was long - end of the pier. Very uncoordinated, no way to tell who was staff and who was client. Almost full boat. $10 cash for gear.

2 hours at full speed to get to Happy Hunting Grounds. Despite2 Dramamines, was very seasick in an hour.  Deckhand had set up my line in the water before the sick hit.

Long story short, sicker than I have ever been, empty stomach, 1pm nobody had caught a thing despite seeing a ton of sea lions nd a whale, 2-hour trip back. As soon as we docked I was feeling better but not good.

Back to the motel slowly, took a nap.

6 pm, walked across the highway, almost everything had closed at 6. Big 2-level restaurant was open. Top was French, bottom was Japanese but American white guy host and eastern European waitress. Menu was a plain card with names no descriptions. I ordered pork ramen, got a huge bowl of lots of ingredients, it looked like it had been sitting out for a while. Tasted mostly okay, but I left a lot over. No diet cola, Coke was the original cane sugar blend in a bottle. No ice.

The downstairs had once been a nightclub I think. New management, not really ready.

Back to the motel, too tired to do much photography or post anything.

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