Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Still a bit out of it

Up several times during the wee hours, sometimes to wee, sometimes just to check  what time it was. 7:30 or so dressed and visited the office for continental breakfast. For $200 a night I expected more than the meager plastic-wrapped danish and OJ.

Back to the room, wrote up the last two days of LJ.

Took a very short nap, decided to get back home early to avoid summer holiday traffic. Good choice, there wasn't much going my way, but bumper to bumper and jammed up at 280/92 coming the other direction.

Hot day in Sunnyvale, air con did its job.

What few photos I took uploaded to flickr.

I know I had lunch, don't remember what.

4:50 off to MV Starbucks, Janice was half an hour late. Frazzled because she is doing too many things at once, and off to Fiji as usual real soon now. She adopted a village decades ago, is now helping them recover from a devastating cyclone.

Back home, rent bill was in the box, and some electioneering spam.

Dinner was reheated fried chicken & mixed veggies. Almond chocolate ice cream.

Watched PTI and the news.

Refilled the meds containers.

Ordered an echo, because the dots cannot talk to Tivo but the echo can, and it was on sale. Also ordered a replacement lens cap for the one I lost crossing Hwy 1 yesterday.

Cast for The Wiz was announced, I am not on it. They chose a girl from India to play Dorothy. She was in Hunchback, and did a good job, but she seems old for the Wiz part.

Spot has been very vocal and needy and fat. Spook continues to hide. :-(

Plans for tomorrow:
Sync at Hole 2

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