Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Hole Foods FTL

Late to work, there was a small project from Boss, a bug to try to repro on other machines. Took about an hour, then nada. Lunch was PNB mixed with J, fruit for dessert.

Two phone calls. One from a consulting firm offering me a FTE job at a real salary. Online interview tomorrow morning.

Second from a long time friend in Seattle, used to folkdance together, friend of my Israeli sister, a nurse who was working here when I first moved here. We had exchanged email and I told her the pacemaker story. She had some heart foo of her own. She agrees my Cardiologist sounds whacked.

Missed a call from AG, will call him back, his B'day is Friday.

After work off to Whole Foods, got some chicken livers which took some hunting because they are packaged by a 3rd party and hidden in a refrigerator with the labels facing away. Butcher couldn't understand why two of us couldn't understand (a) where he was sending us and (b) why they don't make their own tubs of it. Strange but true the price was low.

Also found a pile of my favorite sheep milk soft cheese. Bought two packets.

At the check-out there were signs everywhere about discounts for Prime customers. I am one. I showed my amazon app, but they wanted the WF app linked to it. No discount for me today. :-(

Home, Amazon echo was delivered, as were the two spare lens caps, and a pair of 2018 America The Beautiful quarter sets from the US Mint. One goes to my youngest sister (her birthday is in June). Been doing that since they started the collection.

Spot raced into the bedroom as usual, I closed the door, lured Spook out from under the guest room futon, and put her in the piano room cat tree. Spot then got tossed into the guest room, which has food, water and a litterbox. It dawned on me last night as Spot was clawing at my back that I had the roles reversed. It's Spook's house. Spot needs a time-out for his bullying and over-eating.

I cleaned the water fountain in the kitchen, it needed it.

Dinner was split pea soup from WF and pre-cooked bacon from Costco cut into small pieces. Yummy. Nuked some strawberries and scooped chocolate ice cream on top. Watched PTI and Below Decks. Felt my chest tighten, pulse of 131.

Turns out I don't need the Echo. The dot will command the Tivo, I just had to wait till today to be able to pair it.

Plans for tomorrow:
Drop off the rent

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