Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

A very hot day all of a sudden

And yet I spent much of it slaving over a frying pan.

Up by 9, after the morning routine spent time with Spot, who loves tummy rubs. It's tough to keep him in the closed room, he's so affectionate, but Spook needs to feel it's her house again. She's made some progress, coming into the office while I was online this afternoon, clawing at the back of the recliner, yelling for treats at the food tower.

10-ish, drove to Lucky's, bought some big yellow onions, looked for but did not find duck fat, bought 4 steamer bowls for next week's lunches.

Cooked up the chicken livers, it took three batches in the cast iron skillet. Used olive oil because I hadn't made schmaltz yet. Put in the fridge for later.

Wasted time online, refilled hummingbird feeders and just relaxed in the recliner till 2, then headed for auditions which were way the hell down in San Jose, usually a 15-minute drive but it was 90° out, and traffic was all jammed up with people heading for the beaches. I was late for the 2:30 appointment, but the auditions were late, like half an hour late. Not only was this place way far from where they show will be done, it was in a dance studio up a LONG steep stairway, no elevator. Not cool. Had half a mind to go home, if the producers are going to be this stoopid.

I had chosen an audition time where other friends were signed up. I knew 3 of the 6. Did not know the woman who went first, don't think she will be in the show after hearing her screech her music. Tone deaf. Dressed as a dancer, but not shaped like one. Everyone else did okay with their songs, I did really well with the song and the reading. My buddy Peter said "I have to follow that?" which was nice - he nailed his song, but his reading showed he didn't know the show. He did well considering that. Terri, whom I have never been on stage with but have seen a few times, and know from science and sci-fi fandom, showed a beautiful and strong voice.

I begged out of the dance audition, the directors/choreographer were a bit shocked about the pacemaker. I also thought it was rude that after making us wait half an hour, they wanted the dance audition to be done after the next group did their singing/reading.

Callbacks are next Sunday at the same place, which means they are going to overdo the dancing in this production.

The trip home was faster, still a lot of traffic for a weekend afternoon. 

The chicken skins had thawed in the fridge, I tried cutting them with a knife and then scissors, but finally threw them into the Cuisinart and pulsed them with the chopper. Worked fine, though a little smaller pieces than traditional. Rendered them in the cast iron skillet, it took three sessions, poured off about a cup of schmaltz. Completely forgot to add onions. Will do those in schmaltz tomorrow.

Put the Cuisinart container piece in the microwave for 30 seconds hoping to melt the chicken fat which was coating the sides, but did not know there is a metal rod which locks the unit in place, which allows the machine to turn on. The rod fused the plastic around it and the next time I tried to use the machine, it was dead in the water.

Emergency trip to Target, planning to use my $5 discount card to buy a new food processor. But did not count on there being a street faire blocking my way, so a long detour. And did not count on Target being out of stock on all 12 food processors on display.

On to BB&B, where they had the 2018 version of mine on sale $40 off. Ugly color but who cares? Also bought a chef's knife for $20, since all mine are dull and the sharpener has not helped.

Home, unboxed the food processor and was thrilled that it came with the two blade discs - which were not mentioned on the box - as well as the chopper blade, which is. It took a while to get it to work, because the new model's food chute is at the back instead of the front. The container is the same 14 cup capacity, but a smaller diameter, so the new container won't work on the old unit..

Threw a cut up onion in, it chopped it in seconds. Threw in another. Ditto. Peeled some HB eggs, caramelized half the chopped onions, put that, the eggs and cooked liver and half the greebens into the food processor and in 45 seconds had chopped liver.

That's in a bowl in the fridge. Sliced an onion into rings and cut the rings in half, they are in a tub with the greeben to carbonize in schmaltz (which is in a Mason jar in the fridge) tomorrow.

Took a Spot break, Spook was hanging out by the guest room door when I came out.

Mixed fruit for dinner, mochi for dessert. Watched half of the latest 1 Strange Rock.

Plans for tomorrow:
Cook up the onions & greeben
Enjoy some home made chopped liver on rye bread
Early coffee (3pm) with Janice. She's off to Fiji soon
Take out the garbage
Swiffer the kitchen floor
Maybe let Spot out.

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