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Spit take

Breakfast was chopped liver on rye sandwich. Lunch was the same, but with a sliced HB egg and onion slices added. The chopped liver tastes just like I remember Mom's & grandma's. I am thinking what may have triggered this foray into my culinary past is Mom's birthday was May 29. Same as JFK's.

In cat news, spent some quality time with Spot, who seems to get fatter daily. He has been parking himself on the window ledge lately, which is good. I swapped out his too-light food tower for one he can't easily tip over. Refilled his water fountain too. Spook has been around some, hanging out by the door when I'm in the guest room, curled up in the livingroom amongst the toys. Grooming herself, which she had not been doing much of.

9 am, phone call, went to VM. Checked it later, its was the woman in #4 asking for help moving her son's Chevy Bolt so she can get the garbage bins to the curb - after 5 pm. I replied okay. Son is at a tech conference back east.

Read some more of Moira's book. I thought I was near the end, but Kindle app says no. It's an uncomfortable book to read, on many levels. She had a horrendous childhood full of parental abuse from her two very famous parents. They were both vehemently opposed to Christianity, in favor of paganism (Mom) and atheism (Dad). Both were MENSA + geniuses. So is Moira. Odd but true, what makes me most uncomfortable about the book is her choosing a fairly prudish edition of Christianity as the antidote. OTOH, it obviously works for her (I have seen her in concert both in front of large audiences and at intimate house concerts. The woman I see shows none of the damage she describes in the book).

Did the reading out on the porch, where it was 80° or so, nice breeze, only saw one hummingbird.

2:55, off to MV for 3 pm coffee with Janice. That will be the last one for a while, she's off to Fiji on the 9th. She reminded me to install What'sApp on my phone in case she wants to call.

Home, pulled out a set of food containers with snap-on lids, and filled 4 of them with chopped liver. Three in the freezer, one in the fridge. Also pulled out a small tub of tuna salad to thaw for lunch tomorrow.

5 pm, went over to #4 and was surprised that the neighbor with the Mexican surname is Jewish and speaks as much Hebrew as I do, if not more. Petite, her eyes are the same color as my maternal great-grandfather's. A kind of blue-grey which my Boston cousin also has. It was a bit of a challenge to get the Bolt in gear, instead of the intuitive button on the top front of the shifter enabling that, it was a flush-mounted button on the left side. Had to RTFM to find that. No problem after that except I had to park close to the stairs on the left and crawl out over the passenger side. He had his seat adjusted as if he's 4 feet tall.

Back home, watched Graham Norton and the news, then caught enough of the NBA post-game to know the Warriors did it again.

The last of the curried chicken wings + some rice for dinner, ice cream with cherries & walnuts for dessert.

Started dough for sourdough bread, will know tomorrow if I need to cheat and buy yeast or not. So far, 1 cup of stater, 3 cups of white flour, and some water is all, covered and in the fridge. Next step is 2 more cups, rye flour this time, and maybe sugar & salt. I will burn that recipe when I come to it.

I had been putting off the 23&me kit, because I don't spit. I've always been disgusted by spitting, and just don't do it. But a reminder to send in a swab test for a pre-Alzheimer study got me killing that other bird. Took an hour to "fill to this line". And it wasn't easy.

But both kits will be mailed out tomorrow. Also in the mail will be the 2018 US Mint America the Beautiful quarters for youngest sister.

Plans for tomorrow:
Phone Middle (Baltimore) sister and sing Happy Birthday off key to her as is our tradition
Sourdough bread phase 3
Fry up some onions in schmaltz. My memory says they should be carbonized, beyond caramelized.
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