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Is it Friday Yet?

Up in time to leave early. Into the mailbox: 23&me, Alzheimer's study DNA sample & 2018 coin set for sis.

Traffic was miserable. Almost didn't make it from the commuter lane to my exit 6 lanes away.

Grabbed two bananas because they were almost as small as plantains, HB egg, cheese, cola, coconut water.

Greeted online by manager's notes on the tests I wasn't quite done running. Ran the last ones, then started filing bugs per his comments. Two of them were stumpers for the engineers next door whose machine it is.

In between bug filing, new kid in Hole #2 asked for help setting up her server to run the automated tests. Worked on that on and off all day via hangouts app, made the mistake of assuming she knew linux, since she has a CS degree. But no, she had no idea how to edit a file in vim, and to top it off, when we started, Boss had not given her admin permissions, so once she edited, she couldn't save.

I'm pretty sure I can fix it, and was planning to do that tomorrow afternoon when I went over for sync, but she's out the rest of the week.

Lunch was cold tuna salad and warm rice. Strawberries for dessert.

email from cardiologist. He finally saw what I was talking about re: very high pulse rates. The plan is for me to get a baseline EKG tomorrow in Mountain View, start stronger beta blocker meds, then another EKG in 3 days.  

Near the end of the day head Taiwanese engineer came over to grab a board from Jame Bond which wasn't working for me, then came back to find out how to launch the app which controls the board. Turns out if the board is not working, the app won't launch. But there's a work-around which he now knows.

After work, to UPS store in MV, dropped off the echo to return it. Already have the refund email.

Replacement BofA credit card arrived. Called to authorize it, and they sent me to a rep instead of the automated routine. Stupid because it was my Apple account, not the card which was hacked. Took way too long, but got it done. Come November I won't be using it anymore as the 0% interest deal becomes 17%.

Let Spot out. He is yelling a lot. And being a brat. Spook is doing a good job repelling his bullying. So far. If he doesn't behave himself I'll lock him up again.

Cooked up two onions and the remaining half of cooked chicken skins, in the schmaltz. Now have the carbonized greeben I was aiming for. Dee-licious!

Dinner was the second Korean ribs serving, this one not as much meat as the first. Still yummy. A slice of whole wheat bread with it. Ngaw for dessert.

No PTI, I know not why. Watched the news. Lots of time devoted to The Catch™. For sad reasons.

Took the sourdough lump out of the fridge, added 2 cups of flour and some salt and mixed it by hand. Way sticky/heavy, lots of it had to be washed off my hands. Will let it rest on the counter, covered, overnight. The recipe says at least 5 hours. Odd that there is no oil in the recipe.

Plans for tomorrow:
Vote - possibly only for issues because Top 2 voting is a sham, designed to keep out third parties and lock in the most corrupt candidates.
Check the bread dough
Kaiser - EKG
work the bread dough, maybe bake it
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