Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Two work days in a row!

Up on time, getting into the car as AG called, we chatted till I got to work. Traffic was a mess most of the way, cleared up a lot the last few miles. Have I mentioned how much I hate Google for not making actual bus stop cutouts on Charleston? When they park three in a row, you can't tell if the front ones have their flashers on or the left turn signal. And they are in the way.

Grabbed some breakfast, then to the Hole, which was unlocked but probably should not have been. Does not matter now that nobody has equipment in the open areas.

Finished the tiny STB and re-connected the latest one from Europe because Boss didn't tell me she had pulled new person off that project to help with something else. Took all day to run the tests, but heck, nothing else to do.

Lunch was sweet & sour chicken steamer and mixed fruit. Much eye candy.

Made a nails appointment for 6, waited till a quarter till to head there, was exactly on time. Got the clear coat this time, and see one of my nails is all bruised. Blood thinner med did that, to some of my toes too.

Speaking of toes, ordered a new pair for NB shoes, the Orthofeet, which were great when I got them in Feb have stretched too much and the single band adjuster is not doing the job.

Home, delivered were 10 pairs of briefs, and a box of 100 Bausch & Lomb eyeglass wipes. 

Spook is still under the futon, Spot is still being obnoxious. I shut him out of the bedroom last night, and closed the door to the guest room so Spook would have some peace. But the door is open now.

Watched the last half of The Bachelorette, and there is so much manufactured drama.

PTI was interesting. They predicted correctly the Capitals would win the Stanley Cup. They also have the Warriors winning the NBA title. I am disappointed that Vegas did not pull off the Cinderella win, but it's been forever (almost literally) for DC.

Chicken, matzo balls and mixed veggies for dinner, thin mint ice cream for dessert. Totally forgot the cherries.

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe go to the Skeptics movie night. The movie is Doubt, which was superbly acted, but I'm not sure I want to see it again.

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