Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Good and Not So Good Day

Email first thing in the morning from the bee photographer, he made some excellent comments/IDs of the photos on Flickr I shared with him.

At work on time, nothing to do so I "tested" the latest European STB by catching up on YouTube episodes of I Can See Your Voice/Thailand. There were a handful of superb voices, and this season they have quadrupled the audience size, and have hired a lot of dancers and some character actors to give some depth to the program.

I was blown away twice by one contestant, who turns out to be a pro both acting and singing. Here are a couple of clips:
Skip to 44:33

Boss had me drop off the tiny STB at Hole 2, and invited me to come back at 3 for the TGIF/demo.

Lunch was ginger salmon and mixed fruit

3 pm demo was nice, Boss3 gave me credit for testing it.  Good shrimp sui mai, okay mini egg rolls and terrific mini pork buns.

Back to the hole, continued You Tubing.

Home, punched down the dough and shaped it into two loaves to rise on a cookie sheet. 

Delivered was the new pair of shoes.

Pulled Spook out from under the futon by the scruff of her neck, with Spot locked in the bedroom. Spot is now locked in the guest room and Spook is free.

Braved horrible traffic to go to the Humanist meeting, a showing of Doubt. I was surprised at how little of the film I remembered. The ending did not seem so contrived the first time around.

My hidden agenda was to maybe meet like minded women, but was not attracted to any. My friend Kennita was there, I was able to congratulate her on getting 2,000 votes in Tuesday's election. She was running for my Congressional district seat. Unfortunately slime ball got 30,000.

Home, heated up the oven, popped the loaves in, but they had not risen, so I knew I was baking door stops.

While that was happening I loaded the dishwasher.

Spook came in to eat & drink, but ran away when I opened the oven. Yes, doorstops. Ugly tan ones. I think I'm done with that experiment. This morning there was mold on the starter, so that went down the drain. :-(

Dinner was chopped liver & greeben on store-bought Jewish rye. Thin mint ice cream and cherries for dessert.

Had the Tivo tuned to the game station, saw the Warriors with the trophy. Watched the wrap up for 20 minutes, still don't know the score. When I tuned in LaBron was being interviewed on the official press podium. When asked if he would be changing teams again, he basically said it depends on what his family wants. Last time the kids were smaller or not born yet so it was an easier decision.

Went to NBA.com - the score was 108-85. Pretty decisive.

There will be an official parade and rally sometime soon in Oakland. Kind of a shame they won away from home, but a sweep is worth it.

Plans for tomorrow:
Try on the shoes
Maybe go to the 10 am monthly meet & greet at the community hall
Think about going to Lake Chabot to fish. Or maybe do that Sunday

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