Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

This and That

Up just in time for the first Saturday meet & greet at the community hall, then realized this is the 2nd Saturday.

HB egg for breakfast. Too lazy to make anything else.

Watched Warriors follow-ups on TV.

Let Spot out, but when he jumped onto the piano to harass Spook who was on the cat tree a foot away, I put him back into the guest room.

Let him out later, he mostly just followed me around. 

Outside, dead headed some roses, and pulled up huge handfuls of dying poppies. They have stopped blooming and were making a mess of the fringes of the front garden. There is more to do, but the bin is full. Liberated a star jasmine plant. Made some progress freeing the lilacs but more needs to be done there.

Meanwhile, everything except the mint planted on the back retaining wall is burned up. Probably need to dig it all out, lay down topsoil and put it all back in. Maybe install a wooden form first.

Thought about getting a haircut, but never got past the thinking stage.

Delivered was a new BofA Mastercard, which I called to cancel, since the generous balance transfer offer doesn't allow transfers from my other BofA card. Signed up for a Capital One card instead. And closed the Chase card I haven't used since its 0% offer expired.

Watched Below Deck/Mediterranean and it's still a mess. The captain is not the leader the original captain was. The crew is not as professional. The photography and editing is very scattered. I don't want to nuke the recording schedule in case the original comes back.

Football practice camps are starting, so there is finally something to watch on NFL network. Not a baseball fan, but could pay more attention if the Mariners continue to have a dream season.

Took a nap 4:30-6:30, woke up to Hgl of 60. No idea how that happened. I had a snack of bacon before the nap. Dinner was franks (buns & sauerkraut)  & beans & tater tots. Chocolate ice cream, walnuts, cherries, honey for dessert.

Spot is on the floor under the desk. Spook is on the cat tree in the piano room.

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe revamp the back garden.
Maybe read more Hugo nominated stories. Loved the one about 3D printed steaks
If the weather is nice, go to Baylands park
Wish I was at callbacks. :-(

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