Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Oh, my aching back, legs, fingers, arms

Up on time, out of bed late. Have to quit looking at the tablet in the morning.

But it does come in handy. Have now read three Hugo nominated novelettes. The one on 3D printed steaks is still winning. One about children of water and wood is all about magic and mostly the author pulls the rules out of a sphincter. Another is a spin-off from a previous novel - a particularly gruesome one. Not too jazzed with the current story, about the world's oldest starship maintenance bot.

Email from Ford with a heads-up on what to do at the end of my lease. Which isn't until next February.

Traffic to work was the usual, took back roads. No bicycles, which is odd for a summer day.

Nothing to do at work, so I disconnected the last European unit and fired back up James Bond. Watched tornado chasers on Twitch, and set a YouTube Live channel to start when Trump meets Kim, but as it turned out that didn't happen until after the end of my shift.

Lunch was Saffron Road Beef Bulgogi. Excellent, except for it being a small portion. Grapes & cantaloupe.

Home, traffic wasn't the usual cluster. I have taken to going down the Hole #2 road, now that there's a traffic light at Shoreline. Much safer than Charleston or Amphitheater because there is no traffic from across Shoreline. And by that time people have juggled into the right lane while I want the left lane.

Spot was waiting on the laundry counter, yelling at me as usual. Spook was on the tall cat tree, waiting for treats. Changed the laundry room litterbox, need to do the same in the guest room but am out of cartridges. Ordered more.

No deliveries, the only thing in the mailbox was the Rolling Stone, which, like all the print magazines these days, is a throw-away. Except National Geographic, which still feels like its old self.

Watered the new plants and the Lilies of the Nile in the front garden, which are blooming. The Russian sage on the carport strip is covered with honeybees. Yay! Some bumble bees too.

I need to take a rake to the front garden and clear out the rest of the bee's friend and poppies.

Took a nap, woke up aching everywhere. :-(
May need to change my sleep number setting, but I don't know which direction.

Watched the 6 o'clock news on Tivo, saw The Handshake™. Whether or not anything comes out of the talks, this is epic.

The Bachelorette is recording. Probably will watch in fits & starts.

Spot is still rushing Spook, but Spook is less daunted now. I ordered a pair pheromone diffusers (piano room & guest room) to see if that helps.

Had another high pulse episode. Tomorrow I'll ping Cardiologist about the new meds. Haven't heard from him, it's been a week since I had the EKG he wanted. Typical.

Been listening to KIXI (Seattle oldies station) on Sonos. It was on Mom & Dad's radio almost 24/7, except when dad tuned into his favorite investment show. I could do without the traffic reports.

Dinner was baked pork buns & mixed veggies. Chocolate mochi for dessert. Added 4 Tylenol Migraine to my evening meds.

Plans for tomorrow:
Rake time?
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