Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic


Up on time, out of bed not on time. At work close enough to on time, I had breakfast all packed so no need to go to the break room.

Boss went all ballistic in chat messages because I had not filed any bugs against that mini device which she had given to me to test as a proof of concept. I reminded her that it wasn't expected to be ready for prime time, and she realized that the product manager was out of line, not me.  Product manager was bugging her as if the unit was waiting to be certified, which it wasn't.

New kid needed some help with a unit I'd tested a few weeks ago, she had new firmware for it. I told her I'd be by after lunch to grab the mini back and could help in person if she needed it.

Called Kaiser help, and they didn't. Called my PCP's office and made an appointment for the follow-up EKG for Friday afternoon.

Lunch was Saffron Road lamb saag. Not as good as it used to be, not much meat. And I'm not fond of basmati rice. Fruit for dessert. More marketing 101 eye candy, but not much this time.

Toilet in the hole flooded, I filed a ticket and it was taken care of in minutes. That's a first.

Drove to Hole 2, got the mini (but Boss forgot the remote) and found out the New kid's problem was not a problem. The unit comes up in French, and she didn't know to press the Home key to bypass that. The upgrade went fine, which surprised me since I was there to help with that.

Back to the hole, the 2-day automation test was still running on HDMI1, I hooked up the mini to HDMI2, and watched some storm chasers on Twitch. Turns out the TV's remote controlled the mini just fine.

Home, delivered was one multi-cat diffuser - think plug-in air perfumer. Plugged that in under the piano room cat tree. And the Skeechers arrived, which I'll open tomorrow.

Spook was under the futon again, and I discovered she had pooped on it. The sheets are in the dryer at the moment. I have ordered waterproof mattress and pillow protectors. Irks me a lot because I went out of my way yesterday to change out the litterbox in there.
Spent some Quality Time with the blow dryer.

Locked up Spot for a while, it did not take him long to attack Spook after I let him out. Fed Spook a few of the calming treats, she ate them, probably because she's very hungry. Too scared of Spot to go to the food towers.

Watched PTI and the last of the Bachelorette episode. She is seriously needy. And DDG. Confusing, that.

Dinner was chopped liver & greeben on rye. & the last of the thin mint ice cream.

Plans for tomorrow:
Work, maybe there will be an update for the mini which fixes the show-stoppers.

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