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The usual morning. Traffic was light until the exit, then it was way too stop and not hardly any go. Brought my own banana and egg. Their bananas have been small and bruised, and the eggs missing.

Big breakfast spread for the marketing group, and they totally hogged the break room - they are supposed to bring their plates into the conference room. Eating standing up at the counter, blocking the snacks. Very bad form.

Asked to confirm some bugs I'd reported on two devices. Two bugs cleared up by mfg engineers who found that rebooting the machine cleared the memory jam. But the mini was still not working well with streaming video. I tried to watch London Breed's "victory" speech, and it kept crashing, so I switched to the German unit and it ran fine. Unlike her acting mayor appearances, this time she carped the whole diem, and it is really worth watching:

Almost makes me wish I lived in SF. Almost.

Lunch was chicken fried rice steamer, so not really fried rice. Cantaloupe. Saved the grapes for an afternoon snack.

New person messaged me with some q's about pairing the French device with her linux server, so I led her through IP subnet troubleshooting 101. Soon after, Boss asked me to bring my NDA-redacted laptop so New person could get it paired, but what she really needs is a router. It doesn't need to connect to the network, it just needs to put the laptop and the French machine on the same subnet.

And Boss breaks the news that the group is moving again, in a month or 2. She wants to move me with them, me & New person sharing a conference room "lab". I am not jazzed about that, but whether I'm displeased will depend on where they move. With Google's current world conquest, it could be a total PIA commute, or it could be closer to where I live.

Email from Kaiser said to call their billing people in San Diego. Billing person said that the customer service person in Santa Clara who told me there would be no charge for my ER stay had not documented it, so I am stuck with a $80 co-pay, which somehow had a mysterious $1 credit. There's a form online to challenge this, but it is two pages of about 20,000 questions. Not worth $79 of my time.

While I was there, ordered my 3-month supply of low grade insulin. Almost $1k. This is why I can't retire.

Home, worst traffic of the week.

Spot is back to attacking Spook, who is doing a good job of batting him away, but she would rather hide under the futon. So far the pheromone is not working. And Spook has decided she does not like the calmer treats after all.

Watched PTI, the last half of Below Deck and the news.  

Email from Sunnyvale players, the woman I was hoping to play opposite did get the part, but the guy they picked instead of me is a total WTF. As are all the other leads. I probably won't be seeing it. Very disappointed with my local theater.

I need to look into helping at The Pear. Their next show opens on the 22nd.

Watched the first 10 minutes of the CFL game. 11-year-old girl did O Canada. I won't go as far as to say she sang it. She would not have gotten the gold buzzer on Canada's Got Talent. Maybe I should look that up. Hang on...

...Nope. Nothing on her at all. Chiara Wilson, not to be confused with Seahawks QB's wife, singer Ciara Wilson. Maybe they were confused, because in 2015 (16?) while she was still Russel's girlfriend, she totally nailed the Star Spangled Banner in a dress which showed her ample attributes.Clicky She probably would have done a great job with O Canada.

On the news, every other story was some kind of fire. Arsonist arrested, car fire, military jet crash & burn, breaking news house fire in the hills, etc.

Plans for tomorrow:
3:30 pm EKG after 3 days on new meds
Time sheet

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