Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Feast after famine

After weeks of no work to do, this week I've had three streaming media devices tossed at me. Make that 5. That mini is now a royal PIA because the product manager, who is in Hong Kong, is encouraging the engineers at the manufacturer's to work directly with me, but none of them have a concept of the time difference. Or maybe they just get it wrong. 5 pm on a Friday one of them is asking me to phone or Skype or some other app I never heard of. No, not going to do that. The device is not anywhere near ready to ship, but apparently they have a June 22 deadline anyway.

I brought in an HDMI extension cable and was able to massage the short twisty one on the Chromecast-looking device into a testable mode, but it has major issues too. And one box from Germany is getting a second look because their engineers found work-arounds to show-stopper issues. Sorry, if games crash the first time you launch them, I can't approve the device.

Was running somewhat late this morning, AG phoned, I had to call him back.

Several job offer email messages, all from people from India who don't know how to read a resume. And whose company goes fishing - if you have "QA" in it, they assume you write automation frameworks. If "Engineer" is in it, of course you write software. Gag me.

I did add one recruiter to my LinkedIn contacts, on account of he speaks understandable American English, and mostly because his job offer try actually matched what I would like to be doing if I was deeper into multi-track recording. I may have the skills to learn the skills they need OJT.

Lunch was Saffron Road Bulgogi beef again, and mixed fruit. Reading a Hugo nominee, and enjoying it. Mostly. It's very sci, the way sci-fi ought to be. That theory that there are separate worlds created at major decision points in our lives? Well, someone figures out how to access them, and hosts a convention of all the various versions of herself. Hundreds of them.  And of course there's a murder. Just identifying the victim is a major undertaking. 

Back in the hole, had to bail on a hangout chat with HK manager, to go to MV Kaiser for the follow-up EKG. I think the new meds are working, I haven't had any racing pulse incidents in a couple of days.

Boss suggested I just go home after, but I needed to come back, finish up with HK, email a video and some jpgs to a bug report, and finish the PNB&J cup I brought.

Home around 5:45, traffic was light. It's vacation time again.

Something reminded me of something, now I can't remember what.

In cat news, Spook camped out on the office cat tree much of the day, I see she peed a little in the doggie bed. After attacking her and being beaten back, Spot curled up under my desk. Spook is now under the futon, I think, and Spot is curled up around the wheels of my desk chair. When I move he gets run over. He doesn't learn.

Delivered was the mattress protector, which I installed on the futon, but not the pillow protectors. In the same box was a chamois and car wash mitt. Took the chamois out to the car and wiped the gunk off the windshield from both right and left sides. I had a high school teacher who used chamois on the blackboard, it worked a lot better than erasers, which simply spread the chalk around.

Watered the new plants. Had to untangle to hose (it's one of those spiral things). I may ditch it for a less tangle-able style.

A photographer friend on FB reminded me of KDFC, so it is now on my Sonos list, and I intend to try to sleep to it.

Nuked Tinder from my phone. The app is broken. No, the woman who says she lives in New Zealand is not 6 miles away. Nor is the woman in Texas.

Meanwhile, a possible date on OK Cupid has been silent since I asked her to suggest a place to meet. She doesn't say it directly, but from her info I'm pretty sure she's a retired opera singer, back from a career in Europe. Would have been nice to meet.

Tried to watch PTI, but Tivo only got the final minute. Lately Tivo has been crap at following schedule changes. Had the Winnipeg/Edmonton CFL game running in the background as I cooked up two sliced onions in Crisco vegetable shortening. Took about 40 minutes, looks almost as good as using schmaltz, will know for sure tomorrow after it's had time to drain and cool.

Plans for tomorrow:
11 am gas meter uninstall/install. The only pilot light they need to mess with is the one outside on the water heater.
Lowe's, get a better hose
Rake the remains of the dead poppies

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