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Weird Happenings

Up at 8:30, but Spot decided to keep me company with his purring as I read from the tablet, so didn't get out of bed till 10. 11 on the dot the nice man came to install the new gas meter and take away the old one. While he did that I plugged in the laptop, partly to charge it up and partly to update it.

Watched some CFL football on Tivo, am impressed by two things: 1. They all tackle like they mean it (basics which the NFL rarely gets right) and 2. They pass almost every down - because the field is too long & wide and they only get 3 downs. 2-and-out.

Went to Lowe's as planned and bought one of those flex hoses. Attached it to the car wash brush and it leaked at the connector. Attached the garden spray attachment and it leaked. Used, I doubt it can be returned. May try another brand, either from OSH, Home Despot or online.

Stopped off at Grocery Outlet and bought a couple of steaks, onions, mushrooms, multi-colored sweet bell peppers and forgot the mochi. Also got tempura shrimp, peeled garlic and strawberries - and two cocoa butter based skin lotions. Trying to smooth out a couple of rough sunburn spots on my face.

Home, lunch was tempura shrimp fried in vegetable shortening from the onion fry. Not very tasty. Nuked the onions for 2 minutes, which made smoke come out of the microwave.

Set up the webcams in the office, guest room and piano room to email me when they detect motion. This includes about 10 snapshots which I set to snap every 3 seconds. One of those messages showed Spook peeing on the new futon cover, which is waterproof sort of. None of it bled through, but it spread out on the surface to make a huge stain. Online, ordered a plastic cover like the one on the sofa. Pisses me off, there's a litterbox right there in the room. I think the problem is Spot has radar, and chases Spook away when she tries to use it.

I think the pheromones are working on Spot a little. He isn't running the length of the house as much, and he does a lot more lying in front of me in the livingroom and office. And bedroom, for that matter.

Indoors, took a short nap because I was falling asleep watching football. BP was way low - 75/41 but pulse was 60. I figured maybe I should get outside and do something active.

I got the rake out of the shed and pulled out a huge amount of dead poppy plants, the last of the dead bee's friend plants, and this liberated a very long and robust lilac which had been fighting to break through. Put the rake back and got the shovel to dig out a well established grassy plant which had also been stealing sunlight and nutrients from the lilac and a rose bush. Found three more smaller ones as well.

Pulled the lawn recycles bin out to the curb and shoved it full of what I'd pulled out. Filled to the brim.

USPS email said there should be several items, including a prescription, in my mailbox, but instead were two letters for #8 next door. Opened #6's mailbox, and my stuff was there. Put #8's in their mailbox. Understandable mistake, as #5 currently is an empty lot.

Dinner was a production. Sauteed in butter & white wine garlic cloves, chopped onion, sliced in the Cuisinart mushrooms. Got out the grill pan, covered the surface with olive oil and after it heated up threw on a steak, which was actually two steaks. Ate both smothered in the sautee, on sourdough rye. The first steak was great the second was small and mostly gristle. Ice cream with cherries and sprinkles for dessert.

Plans for tomorrow:
Replacement replacement hose
Take the camera out to Ulistac Natural Area and shoot bees & butterflies & flowers and maybe play Ingress
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