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As planned, went a couple of miles down the road just past Levi's Stadium and walked some trails in Ulistac Nature thing. It's huge. And it's a work in progress. Started off kicking myself for forgetting my camera's GPS attachment, so the photos are not tagged with location. It was somewhat meh, not a lot of bees, I only saw one hummingbird, a jay and a couple of brewer's blackbirds. And a green finch. There were some plants and flowers I have not seen before. Lots of Queen Anne's Lace. I did get some bee photos - Bumble, honey and one tiny type I'll have to look up.

There are some excellent mounted display boards which need new plastic laminations.

Sciatica kicked in about 3/4 of the way to the next exit, so I didn't take the detour out to the river, and it was a painful hobble about a mile back to the car.

Most of the people were on the trail on the other side of the river, which is about 100 feet higher than the side I was on. There were a few bicyclers and dog walkers on my side.

Home, had some pre-cooked bacon for a snack, and some cheese sticks. I was feeling pretty woozy, should have taken a BP reading.

PC was doing a full backup of the big drive, but it failed at the last minute. Trying it again overnight. Puzzling because yesterday's backup of the boot drive went well, as well as the last several incremental backups of the big drive.

In other computer news, still looking for a replacement to Quicken which downloads and stores my info locally, and can print checks. Quicken has switched to not supporting blank paper checks, they have to be pre-printed, which is an extra expense and not as secure.

Downloaded the photos from the camera, deleted the fuzzy ones. Got a good bunny photo (I saw two of them, but was only fast enough to shoot the first one).

Dinner was reheated pizza and ice cream.

Took out the garbage/recycles/garden bin. Checked the mailbox at #5 to see if #6's mail was in there. but it was jam packed with a couple of weeks' worth of #5's mail. Too much to go through.

Plans for tomorrow:
Home, process today's photos and post them on Flickr
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