Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Still juggling

Up at 6, thanks to Spot and needing to pee. Back to bed but only for half an hour, Spot wanted to play fetch.

Tried to take a shower, but the guy who said he re-lit the pilot light on the water heater apparently had not. I did it when I went out to the car, and to take in the recycle bin. Garbage & lawn stuff had not been collected yet.

Out on the road early, at the break room early but only to get an egg and some cheese balls. Those ones in red wax. There was a major breakfast buffet for interns. You can tell an intern because they get a propeller hat.

In front of the Hole a pair of huge trucks, one with a very tall core drill and the other with all the stuff of which core competency is made. Drilling away. I'm guessing they are testing either for flood abatement or for demolishing The Hole.

Excrement hit the fan early, the engineers for the mini still don't get it that I am not here to certify their not ready for prime time device. I sent them to their program manager. So did Boss.

Boss added me to a google group she created for me & new person, but I couldn't access the group. Boss was stumped, had me file a ticket with tech support. Support said temps no longer can belong to google groups. Some BS about security. But I can send email to the group, so I did, but only Boss responded, so maybe New Person isn't really on it. 

The wrong manager responded to bugs I filed against the Chromecast look-alike. Boss asked me to move the bugs to a different spot on the tree, which she created, but I apparently can't move a bug. She said she would do it, but either didn't or it didn't work for her either.

After all that was settled, I continued testing the Chromecast-like thing, finished by the end of the day but may need to file more bugs, but not till I know where.

Lunch was beef teriyaki steamer & cantaloupe.

Traffic on the way home was nasty. My new shortcut is now also a new shortcut for some short (but wide) buses, so is no longer a viable solution.

In the mailbox was the new Visa card. 0% for 15 months. Need to keep it paid up. But also need to spend $500 with it in 3 months to get a $150 bonus.

At the front door was an Amazon box containing the replacement replacement hose & spray nozzle, which I hooked up and it worked fine, no leaks. And the mattress bag for the futon, which I wrestled the futon mattress into. Spook had been under the futon, she retreated into the closet, which is a much easier place to pull her out of, and send her to the piano room. Tossed the pee-soaked mattress protector into the wash.

Spot started right in annoying Spook, so he is now shut in the guest room. I cleaned and refilled the water fountain and checked the food tower & litterbox this morning.

Not delivered was any of my insulin. Kaiser's mail order service has become quite slow.

The backup I had running all night & day choked because it thought the NAS drive was out of space, which it wasn't. But I deleted the last full backup and started again. Which means I haven't been able to upload yesterday's photos since they are on that drive.

Watched PTI, we are in the season I don't care about. Golf & baseball & World Cup. To me golf, even at the professional level, is a hobby not a sport, and far from athletic. And baseball is mostly guys standing around spitting. I suppose the venerable stadiums would be a gold mine for DNA archaeologists. And soccer. America's Game™. Is there even a single American pro soccer player who came up through the Soccer Mom ranks?

Also watched the new To Tell The Truth, though I don't like how they have added a bunch of non-game mishugas and severely shortened the panelist question time. They do come up with interesting guests. And Mel Brooks was a panelist this time. The girl who was accepted by every Ivy League college couldn't name a single one of his movies.

Chopped liver & greeben on rye was dinner. Ice cream dessert.

One of these days I need to throw all those skinned chicken thighs into the oven.

Plans for tomorrow:
OSH to look for plants to help replace the poppies & bee's friend. I'm thinking wild roses. Or California aster.
Check on Spot

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