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Up at 6:30, in the shower before 7:30. Slept well, thanks to no Spot fighting with his toys in the bed. Shower had hot water, after getting dressed I spent some time with Spot in the guest room. Spook was in the kitchen waiting for treats but ran away to the top of the tree when I poured some out for her.

Packed lunch, took back roads, which was a mistake - sat through three long traffic light changes because greedy drivers kept blocking the intersections. Amazon traffic was even worse.

As I pulled into work, AG called, so we chatted for a while. Our ex boss apparently is still unemployed, but from what AG asked him, I think he is volunteering at a local school. The layoff hit him hard, he had just bought a house in the middle of nowhere, which would be a long commute, but doable on the ACE train. And he had finished building a second home in the middle of nowhere in NE Thailand.

AG ought to be looking at Amazon jobs to transfer to, he keeps complaining about his micro-manager. Outside of Amazon he could have his pick, but he doesn't like taking the risk.

Core sampling continued in front of The Hole, and interns continued to be silly in the break room.

Wrapped up the Chromecast-ish device, started re-testing a couple of things on the mini. Got a clue from the HK engineer on how to pair the remote, which had been holding up everything.

Lunch was beef & multi-grain rice, and strawberries. Lots of intern eye candy, but no short shorts today.

Reading Hugo nominees I bailed on one which annoyed the hell out of me with a bad grammar choice. The author was trying to show that in the story's world, before puberty a child has no sex. He and she are not appropriate pronouns. So "they" was chosen, and in my lexicon, "they" is plural, and using it confused me, especially when we are introduced to twins who do everything together. The author kept using "they" instead of the child's name, and awkwardly. Author ought to have taken a hint from Dark Tower and invented a singular neuter pronoun. Anyhow, the writing was kind of plodding anyway. So I'm now reading Scalzi's entry, which shows what a master of the craft can do. He has come a long way from taping bacon to his cat.

Back to the Hole, finished the re-test and treaded water by watching live feeds from three tornado chasers on Twitch.

email from Cardiologist, he saw the EKG, wants me to add half a pill 2x a day to the new one.

3:30 to Hole #2, synced with Boss, who finally fixed some bug issues I needed access to, once I got her to shut up and listen. She has a way of putting 2+2 to get 22. And then defending her math @ 100 wpm.

Back the the Hole, finally had access to the tree for the Chromecast-ish device, and sent the list of bugs to the owner. He's in Korea.

After work, BB&B to exchange the soda stream cartridge & get cola & orange syrup. And a lime press.Then to OSH and bought a couple of wild roses, a pair of lantana and a Coreopsis.

Home, delivered was the NBA t-shirt, but not the drink holders. T-shirt was in the mailbox. Hidden on the front porch was the insulin pens. Spook was in the office window to greet me.

Dinner was a couple of steamed pork buns and some ha gow. Cantaloupe for dessert.

PTI was pre-empted for some brainless sports talk, so I watched the entire Bachelorette episode. She finally showed the door to the jerk who said he collects perfume for a living. She did not ditch chicken suit guy. Or the phony cheater guy. They make her give too many roses. By now I think she has it narrowed down to two or three guys. Chicken boy and male model are only there to feud with each other and create drama. The man she gave the first impression rose to looks like a fine match. I personally am rooting for the stunt man, the only one with long hair. His hair is nicer than hers, which is probably a show stopper.

Backup completed.

Let Spot out, and he managed to stay near me and away from Spook for about 20 minutes, but then he attacked, so I tossed him back into the guest room.

Plans for tomorrow:
Nails? Writer's meetup?
Plant roses?
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