Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Almost out of ice cream

Up on time, out almost on time. Traffic was not so bad once I got past the on-ramp merge circus.

AG called just as I was at the Hole door, we chatted about nothing in particular for 20 minutes.

Lots of email - bug report follow-ups mostly.

Just for grins, since New Person (NP) was given my Netflix test laptop, I tried running the tests from my linux server, and it worked. One less Mac crapbook to worry about.

Looking at the webcams, Spot managed to topple the contents of the top of the linen rack in the guest room, where he was shut in. Three pillows and a bedsheet set, covering his food tower, just missing the water fountain and litterbox. He was out of sight, so either under the futon or in the closet.

Watched a lot of Twitch on the mini, also confirmed the new build crashed out of Youtube. Gathered logs and added to an existing bug from the previous build.

Lunch was a meatloaf on wheat sandwich. I brought two slabs of meatloaf, but only ate one. Fruit for dessert.

Silly sexy interns in the break room at breakfast & lunch again, this time dressed more formally. Dresses instead of shorts, covered shoulders instead of tube tops and spaghetti straps.

Quiet afternoon. Decided not to get nails done or go to writer's meetup after work, wanted to clean up the mess Spot made.

Home, back roads were not bad, freeway looked horrible.

Before going inside I got the rake out of the shed and cleared an area for the wild roses and lantana. The rose area is hard clay, I needed the shovel and the electric hole digger to get deep enough to plant them. The lantana area has a foot of mulch, so I only needed the shovel.

Meanwhile got close-ups of the lilac:

I'm pretty sure it's California lilac, Ceanothus. Not a true lilac, that would be Syringa vulgaris which sounds like a social disease. All spring I thought it was dead, buried under a mass of Bee's Friend and California Poppies. But when I raked those away after their brief lifespan, this huge plant appeared. And a smaller one in front of it. I had given them both up as fried during the winter.

Yet to be planted is a pot of yellow flowers, Chrysanthemum multicaule I think. Moonlight Chrysanthemums. Tomorrow, probably will go near the spirit house.

Inside, totally exhausted, poured a cola with ice, sat in the recliner, turned on the fan and ignored Spot's yelling for 15 minutes, then went into his room, picked up all the bedding and put it back on the rack, filled the food and water, and let him out. Had to keep an eye out with the spray bottle and a can of air - he freaks at either of them in my hand. Spook was on the office tree, I had seen her at the kitchen food dish during the day.

Grilled cheese sandwiches and ice cream for dinner, watched PTI and the news then took a nap for an hour. When I woke up, Spot joined me, and let me trim his claws. He's pretty good with that. Spook puts up a major fight. But she needs her claws to stave off Spot, so I leave them be.

Fired up my Twitch channel (h0weird) and put the piano room and livingroom cams on it. It goes away when I turn off the PC, but there's a holding graphic if you tune in when I'm not home.

Speaking of Twitch, I followed a couple of tornado chasers, and asked about their really cool software, where any one can give the command "!location" and a bot will show the name of the chaser and the GPS location as well as the plain English location. Unfortunately it is reserved for official storm chasers, written by one of them. But I did get enough info to go online and buy a dash cam which can stream.

Plans for tomorrow:
Safeway (fruit & ice cream & frozen lunches)
Start a crock pot with steak and bell peppers
Maybe also bake some chicken thighs with onions & garlic

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