Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Turd's Day

So I get to the break room for lunch (the rest of the meat loaf and three very old shrimp egg rolls, and un-frozen fruit) and there is a convention of morbidly obese women. Even the security person was as wide as she was tall. Not fat-shaming here, just making an observation. We all know I am way fat. But these women made me look petite average sized.

I got my Samsung tablet out of its sleeve, set it on its stand, and nothing happened. Dead as a doornail. No response to any of the buttons. It had been fully charged at 8 am, and normally holds a charge all day even when it is fired up.

Back at the hole, logged into Amazon, saw something about a reset button in the community forum, so I got out my little pin-like tool and inserted it into the tiny hole. Nothing. Opened the PDF showing the parts of the unit, and there is no reset button, I had poked the microphone.

Plugged it into a couple of different chargers, and my linux server. Nothing.

Started a chat with Amazon tech support, and in no time Leo had a replacement shipped to me and emailed a return label.

Up early, out on time. Running out of lunch food. Down to my last Kind bar. and my 2nd to last frozen meal.

Got the last banana in the beak room, but there were lots of eggs & cheeses, and a Kind bar and a pair of oreos.

In the hole, more email from HK, one of the local mfg reps said he would plop some devices in my mail slot in the lobby of Hole2, so I could test the O version instead of not-ready P.

Meanwhile I watched Twitch and YouTube on the mini.

Boss asked for the mini and the Chromecast-like device back when I came for sync.

Back from lunch, as Boss had warned, three 50-inch TVs in individual wooden crates arrived on a palette mover which was too wide to fit through the front door. It took some Adlai Stevenson negotiating to get the delivery child and his partner to take the crates off the palette and move them into my lab, which was what their work order said to do in the first place.

3:20, drove to Hole 2 for sync with Boss & NP. Told them they could keep the macbook, I can run the tests from the linux box.

As expected Boss has made zero progress on her grand plan to have us enter testing data into a bug report area.

Mfg rep had left three of the devices, so I took one, gave one to NP and one to Tall program manager.

Back at the Hole, set up the new device, started testing. It has the same latency issues as the previous ones. The mfg engineers asked me to test the phone app, which I will do tomorrow when it comes up in my test plan. Not going to skip anything just to satisfy their curiosity.

5:30, drove to the nails place, was 15 minutes early so listened to the radio in the car. Got gold nails with more sparkles than I'd planned on. Across the room getting a pedicure was a person in her late 20's with dirty blonde's hair but a redhead's complexion, wearing gym shorts & a T-shit. Yummy, especially because she kept giggling when they massaged her feet. After the pedicure she sat next to me to have her nails done. They were in aluminum foil caps - very shiny. Just before my nails were done a tall 20-ish woman in short short shorts was seated in the chair in front of me. What a view! But the chair hid everything after she sat down.

On to Safeway, and bought all the things. Except cake - there was no black forest cake. Ice cream was 2-for-1, so I bought 4. 3 mint chip, one butter pecan.

Home, had to take Central because whatever event was at the amphitheater had traffic backed up for miles.

Put the groceries away, Spot met me at the door, Spook was on the office tree. I saw Spook in the guest room, eating, earlier in the day, nice that she got out. Spot is being less of a brat, maybe the pheromones are working a little.

Delivered was the dash cam and its (sold separately) SD card. I will deal with that Saturday, I think.

Got out my largest glass pan and put all the skinned chicken thighs and drumsticks in it, with the last of the chopped onions and mushrooms, and some peeled garlic cloves. That went into the oven at 350° for 90 minutes. Turned them all over and baked another 25 minutes. Had a thigh and some of the gravy & mushrooms with rye bread for dinner. And ice cream.

The rest of the chicken cooled to room temp, is in the fridge, to be bagged and frozen tomorrow.

Cut up a bunch of multi-colored sweet bell peppers, tossed them into the crock pot, cut up three steaks and tossed those in along with some stew meat, topped with garden grown oregano and rosemary, and frozen peas, with some 10-year-old port. Slow cooking on low for 10 hours. Probably will leave it on warm all day tomorrow.

Watched PTI, and the news, and some NFL Live. And also saw most of Sen. Warren's speech to the ACLU meeting. She sounded like she was running for President. She kept mispronouncing "infrastructure" which I found especially annoying for a former university professor.

Plans for tomorrow:
Finish testing new device
UPS, drop off the bricked tablet
Charge & start downloading everything onto the replacement tablet
Bag & freeze the chicken
"  "   the beef

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