Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Best Massage Ever

Up early, Spot was being annoying at 6:30. Out early, at work early. AG phoned an hour later than usual, I had already been working for half an hour.

More interns in the break room, there was a massive breakfast buffet at the other end of the building but some of them still came over to eat.

Continued testing the new small device, did not get done because there were too many bugs and glitches which needed re-testing. The screen saver wasn't working, and it needs to be tested set for 5, 15 & 30 minutes. When it failed at 5, I had to see if it worked with a movie paused and with a YouTube video paused. A factory reset cleared up one major issue with wi-fi.

Lunch was a chicken with pesto pasta steamer. Not bad at all. Strawberries for dessert.

Boss pinged me to find out if she should demo the small unit (she has another one) but I think my answer was no. I'm pretty much done with the every other week TGIF at Hole 2. One was enough, and they mostly demo things I have tested.

Had a jones to get a massage, first one since the pacemaker. Stopped off at UPS in MV to drop off the bricked tablet, then down the block to the ATM, fighting sciatica all the way. Went to my formerly favorite massage place, but it's under new ownership with new therapists, so I just went in for a sample, and got someone who had no idea what she was doing. So then a long drive to place I used to go to when I worked in Santa Clara. Therapist recognized me from more than a year ago, was amused by my gold nail polish, understood my directions about going easy on upper body because of the pacemaker, and gave the most amazing rubdown ever.

Home, delivered was the replacement tablet. Spot met me at the door. Spook is parked under the corner platform in the piano room. Not optimal, but at least she isn't hiding in a closet or under the futon.

Heated up some of the crock pot beef stew over rice, ice cream for dessert.

Watched the news, mostly FFed over fake news and fires. And too much weather. No PTI today.

Spooned the stew into 4 storage containers, about half-filled, and put 1 in the fridge, the rest in the freezer. Then got the chicken out of the fridge and put 2 pieces each into freezer bags. Two of those went into the fridge's freezer, the rest into the freezer freezer.

Somewhere in there I unpacked the tablet, plugged it in and started it downloading from backups. Lots more to do because the backup doesn't put the apps back onto the right screens, it lumps them all behind the home screen, and Samsung also packs in a lot of bloatware.

Plans for tomorrow:
Call Kaiser santa clara and go for an EKG if they do them on Saturdays
Screenwriters meetup in SJ, help read from scripts
Set up the dashcam

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