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Up at the crack of 9, already 75° out, and aiming at 100. Not a good day for a long drive through garlic country, so Plan A-prime. Called Kaiser, but they don't do EKGs on weekends, so that will have to wait till Monday.

Mostly spent time online and channel surfing. Forgot to have lunch thanks to setting up the dash cam taking a while. Only got as far as charging it and setting parameters, too hot outside to install it.

Also spent some time making the replacement tablet look like the previous one.

Ran a load of heavy laundry, jeans & t-shirts and also loaded the dishwasher.

2-ish, headed to San Jose Rose Garden library branch, which is pretty new. Screenwriters' meetup, I was hoping to help read from scripts, but there were none so the host played the first half hour of Raiders of the Lost Ark and the 6 of us talked about its structure and how very little actual dialog it has. Only 2 regulars, they meet weekly. I'll wait till they get back to reading.

Home, stopped of for gas in case I take that trip tomorrow. The Ford C-max Energi has a no-overrun gas tube which is also a no-workie gas tube. Have to finesse the gas in, can't use the pump's auto shut-off gadget. 5 gallons should be enough. In theory that's 400 miles.

Delivered was the NBA soda can sleeve and the ancestry.com DNA kit.

So I spend almost an hour getting enough spit into the kit, go online to register it, and they won't let me. Puzzled, I log into the site, and see that I already have DNA matches. And messages from people who think they are related (but aren't). Looked in my email bucket and it seems I did the test in 2013, and they don't let you do it twice. So I'm out $70+ because I used the kit.  :-(

I did reply to someone who did have a connection. My father had a sister who married a guy, they had two developmentally disabled children, moved to Florida, where she died in a facility for the criminally insane. The guy was also a few fries short of a happy meal, and he passed away a few years later. I don't remember if they divorced or not. Anyhow the query was from his niece - her mother was his sister. I didn't even know he had a sister. Or it could just be a different guy with the same name.

Too dark to install the dashcam, maybe tomorrow.

Got another 50th high school reunion update email message, we were The Vikings­™ and what they do is fill viking ships with yearbook photos of each person who is going. So far nobody I'd skip a day of work to see. There are a handful, but none of them are going. My girlfriend is in the next class, and she has me as a FB friend and we've chatted on the phone. She lives in Idaho. The girl I had a crush on, the one who seduced her crush the night of the prom and had his baby (he was engaged to someone else, she didn't want to break them up) got married late and moved to Alaska.

The new Jockey shorts are too big. I filled out a return form, and they were supposed to email me a label, but didn't. Meanwhile I ordered a smaller size, but they changed what colors are available. But I did get a 30% discount for being on their email list.

Expecting my Amazon subscription items to arrive Monday.

Plans for tomorrow:
Check the weather.
If it's cool enough, install the dash cam, put the fishing gear & camera in the car and drive ~ 2 hours to Coyote Lake.
If it looks to be 95+ down there, either stay home or see a movie or something. Maybe go to baylands park & read more of the Hugo nominee about the time when hippos were bred for meat and there were hippoboys and hippogirls. And the Mississippi was infested with feral hippos. Unfortunately, one of the obviously not plural hippo riders is being referred to as "they". Highly annoying.
Maybe try to make sourdough starter again, but this time keep it small.

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