Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

No Plan Day

So I stayed in bed till noon, even though it had cooled down enough in the morning to install the dash cam and take the drive to Coyote Lake. Spot kept m company from 6:30, on and off, mostly lying along my calves, sometimes nibbling on my toes. At least he stayed away from Spook.

Delivered were two boxes of Kind bars, a day early.

The guest room cam kept emailing me photos claiming it detected motion, but I had to look closely to see that it was showing Spot lying outside the door. I lowered the sensitivity on the motion detector a few minutes ago, and raised it on the piano room cat tree cam, because I have been getting nothing, though this is where the cats tend to fight.

Brunch was a banana.

Email from Janice, back from Fiji, asking me to bring over an iced mocha at about 4. Somehow I managed to not go anywhere else, though I did have time to go to the park had I gotten motivated.

Instead I installed the dashcam, which was easier than expected because I was able to run the power cord over the passenger side visor, then under the rubber door gasket, and there is actually a pair of wire guides inside the glove compartment, and some webbing on the passenger side of the gear shift housing to hold the excess wire. USB power plug is near that. Still need to research how to forward the signal from my phone to the internet. It will have to use phone data, because the cam hogs the wi-fi connection.

Drove to MV, Starbucks, got a tall for her and a huge for me and took them to Janice's place. The reason for the request is early in her Fiji trip she tripped on a wet step and broke her arm in three places. The cast came off before she got on the plane, but it's in a sling.

We had our usual chat, there were some breakthroughs with friends she is helping through some tough-love times. Part of that due to taking one of the kids to Fiji with her, which gave the mom a chance to deal separately with the problem child.

Since I was most of the way there and it was close to the freeway entrance, I stopped off at Piazza's for Scharffen-Berger high test dark chocolate. Ended up also getting duck fat at $14 a jar, some ripe peaches (one thing I love about this place is outside is a major fruit display, and the fruit is not hard as baseballs), and the butchers were kind enough to rip a pound of skin off of some chicken thighs for 55 cents. Did not find any sheep milk cheese, but did get some mushrooms and more rye flour for another attempt at sourdough starter/bread.

Home, Jockey sent a return label (it was in my spam folder on the ISP - a place I rarely look) so the 4 packs of too-big undies are boxed up and ready to return.

Took out the garbage bins. Not enough boxes to bundle.

Dinner was reheated chicken thigh covered with sauteed onions and mushrooms. Ate a peach before and after. May need ice cream soon.

Watched half a CFL game. Winnipeg is deja vu-ish. Gold and blue uniforms, big gold W on blue helmet almost the same font as my UW uses, except they are purple & gold.

FFed through the "news" which was fire, fire, weather angle on fire, pride parade, fire follow-up, more fire follow-up, more weather, got out of FF for 3 minutes of local sports, FF again for non-local sports.

Started some sourdough starter in a quart Mason jar, only a cup of rye flour and 2/3 cup filtered water. Covered with plastic wrap and set on the kitchen table where it will get some warmth from the sun through the curtains. Also put the water tank in the sink, started filling it back up through the filter.

Listening to Irish Pub Radio on TuneIn, heard an interesting song. She left Galway to see the King at Graceland.

"Then they dragged her away
It was handcuffs this time
She said "my good man are you out of your mind?"
Don't you know that we're married?
See, I'm wearing his ring.
From Galway to Graceland to be with the king.
I come From Galway to Graceland to be with the king."

Caught my ear because I have a friend in Vancouver BC whose parents are from Galway. I don't know if she is an Elvis fan, but I know she likes Older Men™.

Plans for tomorrow:
Call Kaiser for an EKG appointment
Home - expecting big shipment from Amazon subscriptions - litter cartridges and pheromone refills. And something else I can't remember.

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