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This will be short because last night was almost an all niter. Could not fall asleep. And on top of that had a very low Hgl, which took ice cream to fix. 4 am here is 7 am at ESPN, so stuff was on.

Work was just finishing up the tests from Friday, did not take long except the screen save suddenly decided to work. Probably because the machine was off all weekend, rebooted this morning.

Lunch was beef bulgogi & strawberries. Lots of strangers in and out of the break room.

Shipping delivered a 4th 55" TV.

EKG at 3, took a while, back to work just before 4. This time they let me keep the print-out. I will scan it and email a copy to baby sister. I may post it here to scare my medially educated readers. Not tonight. Before I left Kaiser I bought a sharps container.

Home, delivered was a 3-pack of litter cartridges, a 20-lb bag of Royal Canin cat food, a single pheromone refill -I thought I ordered 6, but I guess not.  In the mailbox was the missing sharps container, so now I have two spares.

Took the dash cam and plugged it into the PC and I am impressed. It recorded all my trips, including the conversation with AG during which I dropped off a return parcel at the PO.

Watched PTI and some of The Bachelorette

Dinner was one serving of beef stew on three paranthas. Butter pecan ice cream.

Reloaded the meds boxes.

Filled the guest room water fountain because it was making rude noises. Spent more Quality Time with the new tablet.

Plans for tonight: sleep
Reposition the dash cam
Sync, if Boss is over her migraine

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