Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Time Off For No Behaviour

AG called early again, I think I was just out of the shower. Called him back & left a message.

Just reviewed the last two days' dash cam recordings, and the time is an hour early on all of them, though the time set in the settings is correct. Hmmm. Maybe it overrides DST with standard time from the GPS. No springing forward. Shifting the camera to the right improved the view. I haven't figured out how to live stream yet.

At work, the TV I had set up yesterday continued to reboot itself while it was trying to scan the broadcast channels, and factory resets didn't help it stop randomly rebooting. So I opened up another box and set up a second unit, and it did the same thing. Email response from the main product manager was "yeah, we know". I need to wait for a firmware update, no ETA.

Meanwhile Tall manager wants a test done on a TV, but it's locked away in his private lab in the Hole. There's also one in Hole 2, I have to check to see if New Person is on that.

There was only one storm chaser today, and he quit after half an hour.

Lunch was teriyaki beef & mixed fruit.

Canceled my meetup attendance, only two people had RSVPed. Too late the host said most of the regulars just show up, and don't RSVP, so they usually have about 8 people. Maybe next time. That's a problem with meetups, some of them list on several other places, and some have regulars who just show up.

Bought a ticket for tomorrow's show at The Pear, Oh Coward! It's been a while since I saw it.

Forgot to mention that yesterday I filled all the hummingbird feeders, two with red one with clear, and I hung the clear in the spot which usually gets the most takers.

Home, traffic was okay. Delivered was a pair of prescriptions. Undies due tomorrow.

The pheromones seem to be working a little. Spot is more prone to relax than attack. Spook, though, continues to pee on the office doggie bed, which is now in the dryer. I replaced it with the litterbox from the guest room. I hope she uses that. She has been hanging out in the office when she isn't under the small tree in the piano room. Today we had a bunk bed effect going for while:

I also snapped a picture out the back window at the Hole. I've seen hummingbirds on the Lilies of the Nile, and hope that happens on the ones just beginning to bloom in my front garden.

The foliage reminds me of susandennis's Tree That I Hate™. All the greenery at the top of the photo obscures my view of eye candy walking by. There is a lot of traffic at lunch time, people walk a lot depending on what is being served at which cafeterias. It's also the route to the company store.

Dinner was 3-cheese pasta bows and sausage slices. Mint chocolate chip ice cream for dessert.

Watched PTI and the rest of The Bachelorette. She sent home the chicken suit asshole early in the day, but at the end of their date sent home his nemesis the Model. At the rose ceremony she kept one guy who should have taken himself home the day before but was too much of an egotist to quit. It's sad when a salesman believes his own hype. Why am I still watching this? Because she is very pretty, has supermodel looks and poise, has been given an amazing wardrobe and as far as I can tell there is only one real match left for her but the format has her keeping about 7.

In other news, the sourdough starter is doing well, I will divide and feed it when I'm done writing this.

Oh, about the subject line - it seems we have both July 4 & 5 off next week. I may also take the 6th and go somewhere. Or not.

Plans for tomorrow:
Sync was canceled but I may still go to Hole 2 to collect a device
Maybe charge the car and have diner at the Pear Republic cafeteria
8 pm curtain at The Pear
Put away undies

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