Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Huge bright yellow full moon tonight

Which may explain the shooting at the newspaper office in Annapolis. :-(

Lots of work today, after lunch, which was Chicken on rice steamer and cantaloupe. So much eye candy at breakfast & lunch. Interns and newbies.

Called about the double billing for garbage on the rent bill and it seems they had been billing me for a small bin when I have a medium bin so the second charge was for the difference since the new stupid 2-compartment bins were introduced.

After lunch, NP messaged asking me to come to Hole 2 and show her how to set up the Netflix test, so I did. After a bunch of troubleshooting we got 90% of the way there before we realized she didn't have any Netflix-approved streaming boxes. But we got close enough for her to see what success should look like. Next week she'll come to the Hole and see how it's done with known good network/streamers.

Brought back a new unit to test, it is not approved either, so...

Stuck around till 6, then to Pear Republic and 6:30 alleged dinner -Jamaican beef curry and tabouleh with chocolate soft serve for dessert. Charge my car while I ate.

7:30 to The Pear, saw a so-so production of Oh Coward! Two men, two women, one of the men had no business being on that stage, and I said the same thing when he was cast at Tevye in Sunnyvale - it was a main reason for me not accepting an offered role in that. One of the women was merely adequate. The redhead was great, so was the other guy, mostly. Several theater friends in the audience. I was so not impressed with the show I didn't stay to say hi to the cast. They did an excellent job with some of the numbers, some of the obscurer songs and bits are obscure for a reason. The number they chose for the finale was not intuitive for a closing number, when the lights came up nobody in the audience moved for several minutes. I'd have chosen "Sail Away" to close the revue. They sang that way too early, but very well.

Home, delivered early was the July park magazine, and a surprise in the mailbox was a pill cutter and two bottles of the pills Cardiologist wanted me to take 1.5 2x a day. Idiot. I told him the pills don't fit in the pill cutter, and to please order pills which fit the 120mg prescription. I'll call the pharmacy and see if they can do that.

Also delivered were 4 3-packs of hopefully the right sized briefs. Will try one on later.

Plans for tomorrow:
Set up to demo Netflix testing
Figure out where to go for the 4th. Maybe Coyote Lake - last time I looked there were campsites for the 4th.

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