Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Fairly Dull Friday

Out late, left my last banana on the kitchen island, and of course there were none in the break room. Took a small gala apple instead. I like apples, like them best sliced (maybe I should bring a slicer to work to keep my egg slicer company). But they don't have much potassium.

The team is definitely moving, and I will go with them, though I don't like it. It will mean being social and on time. email from ops saying they need to scope out The Hole to make sure we get comparable lab space in the new building. Fat chance. Google doesn't understand hardware test labs, they think it's all done by automation.

Just for grins, I set up a TV and ran Netflix automation on it. Half the tests failed because halfway through the timing got messed up. That will give NP something to work on.

Tall manager appears to be using the TV he asked us to test, and has been avoiding me. It's okay, he likes to do things himself.

Tried to figure out Amtrak trips for the 4th-7th, but they don't make it easy. Almost booked a camp site for the 4th, but not sure I want to drive that far. I may stay home and work on the Friday. I'll be taking time off for WorldCon.

Lunch was my meat loaf on wheat bread. I put way too many spices in it, and they let me know. Cantaloupe for dessert, once again Safeway produce bozos included a lot of rind. I may switch to Whole Foods for produce, now that they give an Amazon Prime discount.

In the background I am uploading to YouTube my dashcam video driving from The Pear to home with the full moon very visible.

Called Baltimore sis, to console her about the Annapolis shooting - she sails out of there a lot. But she was fleeing work early to babysit her grandkids while her son & daughter in law go see Hamilton. I told her Hamilton gets a bad rap.

Called Kaiser, the pharmacy said all they could do was ask Cardiologist to change the prescription. I looked up alternative providers on the web site, found a woman who has all the right specialties, and she also is qualified to run wires into the heart, so she'll be more familiar with pacemakers probably. Did not see a way to switch providers, so I emailed my PCP and she set up a July appointment to see the new cardiologist. Meanwhile current cardiologist emailed that instead of bothering to cut the pills in half, just go back to taking 1 instead of 1.5. He was concerned about my occasional low BP readings. He clearly doesn't really have confidence in his decisions. I sure don't.

After work I detoured to PetSmart and picked up a pair of pheromone kits (think air freshener plug-ins). Home, put one in the office and one in the guest room. Two more coming soon, will go in bedroom and livingroom. Spook is being unusually calm today, camped out under the piano room cat stand, but she had been there grooming herself and on the office tree earlier in the day. Spot is still being a brat, but retreats quickly. He also would rather hang out at my feet than chase Spook.

Also detoured to drop off the rent. Left my phone in the car, so did not get a photo of the banner which said UNITED WE STAWD. Apparently there was a shortage of N's. Lots of flags, banners and bunting in the community hall and all over the park. 4th of July is a big deal here.

Dinner was beef stew over rice & butter pecan ice cream with honey. I need butterscotch topping.

Watched one of two PTI episodes, today's had two substitutes and not ones I like at all, and they shot it in NYC instead of DC, the crew
was not as good either.

Plans for tomorrow:
Call Janice to see how her surgery went
Photo shoot 1-4
Karaoke 7-9

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