Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

1:30 am so quickly

Slept in because I could. Left an Alexa message for Janice. Have not heard back. Will try again tomorrow.

Got to the photo shoot a few minutes early. Model was kind of plain, not a fitness model, but she had a great sense of humor and a lot of patience. We did several scenarios - bedroom, window, front lit with white background and back lit with white background and a lace see through dress. I think my best shots were head shots.

It ran long, past 4 pm, so home and loaded the dishwasher, then off to Campbell for Karaoke at 7. Lots of new talent.  A couple of singers sounded awful at first, but blame the machine which kept changing play speeds and some of the arrangements were just plain whacked. There was a couple who were truly bad and very attractive, everyone else managed good second and third tries. I got a huge applause for My Way and  the host plus many of the audience got it during Sal T'lay Ka Siti (one young man asked if it was a pun of some sort so I said Salt Lake City and he understood). There was one woman with an opera quality soprano voice who nailed all her songs, starting with I Dreamed a Dream from Les Miz. Discovered a clever Indigo Girls song, The Power of Two, sung beautifully by a newcomer. And I fell in love with an adorable redhead who of course is gay.

Home, installed two more pheromone dispensers, one in the livingroom and one in the bedroom.

Moved the photos from the camera to the PC, will crop and post the work-safe ones tomorrow, probably.

Watched another Below Deck episode. Starting to be able to tell the deckhands apart.

Plans for tomorrow:
Probably going to be very hot. May stay inside. May go to windy Baylands park
Ping Janice

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