Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Sum Day

Lazy morning, got showered and dressed around noon. Zero planz.

Lunch was defrosted chopped liver on defrosted rye bread with duck fat instead of butter. That stuff goes a long way. The chopped liver gets crumbly when frozen, but after warming up it spreads just fine and the taste is the same.

Drove out to Baylands Park with my tablet, set up the camp chair and a bottle of water, and read from one of the Hugo noms, but the wind was about 40 mph and steady, so only read one chapter before pulling up stakes and driving to the not too far Whole Foods.

They are woefully thin on ice cream choices, no butterscotch syrup, but 12 brands of caramel, all way too expensive. Meat department had no chicken skin. WF did have a great price on bananas, peaches and grapes. Their advertised 10% off for Prime members is a lie, they give 10% off only on selected sale items. In this case it only covered the strawberries. Mochi was half price for Prime members, but at $1 a unit, that's not really a sale.

Tempted to go to Lucky/Safeway but it was 80+ outside and I wanted to put the frozen stuff away.

Delivered was a huge box with my Prime Pantry items. Paper towels, napkins, TP, Qtips.

Took out the garbages, bundled a lot of cardboard. Spot walked out the open door, but came back after investigating the steps to #6.

Dinner was a pair of steamed and a pair of baked pork buns, but the baked ones didn't fare well in the microwave so I steamed a couple of matzo balls to make up for it. Hgl pre-dinner was 90. Dessert was 4 mochi - two mango, two chocolate covered mint.

Watched Graham Norton which featured most of the cast of Oceans 8, who were a hoot.

FFed through the news, still mostly about fires and weather. And too much national news.

In the background I am having Photoshop batch sign all the model photos. Need to geotag them too. And separate the nudes from the work-safes.

Plans for tomorrow:
Safeway (?)
Check on Janice. Have not heard from her.
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