Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Frustrating Monday

Except for the commute, which was a breeze both ways, thanks to vacation mode.

Got to work early, soon after I started downloading a new build for some new TV sets, the internet in The Hole went down. Seeing as how it is the first work day of a new month, all bets are on a recurrence of the bill was not paid. Since The Hole is not a Google building, our internet connection is a privately leased line which we inherited from the business which used to manage the building.

The person in Hole 2 who paid the bill last time is on vacation. So is the person in Finance (or something like it) who was supposed to have put the bill in Google's name.

I spent too much time hauling my laptop to the break room, which is a Google building with corpnet.

But the new TV did not recognize the update, even when I followed the directions, which were cleverly hidden in an email thread I was not initially included on. The update is via USB, no network needed.

The upside is there was some serious eye candy both in the break room and on the sidewalks to and fro. Including a group of tourists which included fully robed Tibetan monks. Maybe a dozen monks in a tour of about 40 people of all ages/ethnicities. And a middle school girls' group in purple T-shirts, some in short shorts and some in head scarves.

Phoned Janice, she is sounding weak and drugged, probably because after the surgery she is weak & drugged. But she's home and has a large friend support system.

Lunch was a box of pre-cooked maple sausages on wheat bread, and strawberries and cantaloupe. Last night I cut up a cantaloupe from WF but it wasn't ripe enough, so the pieces are in plastic zip lock bags near the sink. Peaches also were not ripe, they are on the other side of the sink. However, the rye sourdough starter I'm making tripled in size, so before feeding it last night I poured most of it into a container which is in the fridge for pancake batter.

The break room is stocking some paper-thin seaweed wafers, which are yummy & smell like miso. They come in a small plastic container with a desiccant packet at the bottom.

Due to time zone foo, I won't see the final message about the TV upgrade till tomorrow. I don't expect the network to be back up, but I have to check first.

Home, took a nap. No deliveries, but the assessor's sheet was in the mailbox.

Am uploading the photo shoot pix, one set for nudes, one for non-nudes. The latter are bikini/thong so may not be work safe.

There are some head shots, but not many.

One of the down sides to no internet is I only got to see the first FIFA game, Japan got ahead at about 45 minutes in with two quick scores, but Belgium came back to bully their way to a 3-2 win. Bummer. Taller people run faster. Fox did not broadcast Mexico-Brazil so I only got the score when BBC America leaked it as part of their Mexico presidential election coverage. Which I thought was a rude way to do it.

Watched Match Game, which is supposed to be celebrity match game but all the "celebrities" were minor current actors/actresses from the channel which produces the game. And the questions are often un-matchable.

In culinary news, three huge onions were starting to age, so I used the food processor to slice them up, took out my biggest wok-like pan and threw that all in. It started filled almost to the brim, after about an hour all the water had reduced off to half full, so I added duck fat (too much it seems) and another 45 minutes to get them browned. I am letting them drain the the fridge, may toss them back in tomorrow to carbonize them some more.

Sourdough starter doubled again, so I poured more into the batter container and added another cup of rye flour and 2/3 cup water. Tomorrow evening it ought to be good to transfer to a clean mason jar and put in the fridge. It is very sour already.

Dinner was battered fish and tater tots, baked while frying the onions. Had the kitchen and carport door open, and Spot went between them yelling. I know not at what. Spook came out to get a drink, but was nervous about me being in the kitchen, because Spot follows me, and then runs at her.

Plans for tomorrow:
The Hole first
Break room second (to log in if the Hole is still not networked, to get drinks & snacks either way)
My nails are holding up, so I'll skip a week.
Do the onions some more and maybe also chicken skins
Watch some Bachelorette

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