Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Another Frustrating Day, but not as much as yesterday

As expected, no internet in the Hole again, and since everyone who knows who to pay the bill to is on vacation, not likely to be up till next week.

To the Break room and logged in to see new instructions for updating the TV. Did not work, so I took out the USB drive, erased everything, confirmed it was formatted for Fat32, put the binary file on it without renaming it, and tried again. The program manager had said it would take 10 minutes, but it only took 30 seconds. All I could tell is it performed a factory reset, and the build number was different, but the file date was older than what the TV came in with. My bug report asking if it was the right build was not answered. 

Watched the England-Colombia game on Fox while I waited. The Hole gets a good signal for HD channels 2-x, 9-x and 54-x.

So around noon Boss and NP drove the the Hole and helped move the 50-inch TV to hole 2. It's light, but wider than the doors.

I started running it through as much of the smoke test as I could without having all my equipment, and by 5 was 80% done. No work tomorrow or Thursday, Friday if the wifi is back up in the Hole I'll bring the TV back there and finish, otherwise I'll get the gamepad and USB keyboard from the Hole and get another 15% done. The final 5% needs equipment which can't leave the Hole.

Lunch was Saffron Road chicken pat thai, overcooked because they have a different model of microwave in Hole 2 which looks less powerful than the one in the break room, but isn't. Strawberries and a plum for dessert. Also tried a root beer which is usually out of stock the other place.

5 pm back to the Hole to lock up my laptop. Then home by way of Hole 2 to avoid the Shoreline Amphitheater traffic mess. From there on traffic was light.

Home, Spot met me at the door, perched in the window. I had seen Spook eating at the kitchen food tower earlier.

Last night I took the food and water out of the guest room, vacuumed, put the cat toys back into the piano room and livingroom, and closed the door. Or maybe I closed the door this morning. Anyhow, Spook has been using the office litterbox and the kitchen food & water so no need for the backup. Spot mostly hides when I'm not home, and when I am home he splays out on the floor near me.

Since the sink was mostly empty I cleaned and refilled the water fountain. It had a lot of algae in it. I may go back to a different design, this one has a removable aux tank, and that's part of the problem, maybe. I need to look in the shed to see if I saved one.

In other news, the sourdough starter had tripled overnight, so when I got home I stirred it down and poured it into a clean mason jar, covered with Glad wrap held in place by the jar lid ring, and put it in the fridge for storage.

Took the onions out of the fridge and re-fried them, got them a little crisper, but they look like hell, probably needed to be cooked at  higher temp for less time. But it will still make good chopped liver sandwich toppings.

Dinner was half a Digiorno Zen pizza (one with everything). Mint chocolate chip ice cream with cherries. Watched some FIFA follow-up. And the first 1/4 of The Bachelorette, where the guy she should not have given a rose to last time is in full "it's all about me" meltdown. And she had her first 1-on-1 date with a nondescript guy who turns out the be The Salt of the Earth™. She did the amazing thing of flying in three of his best buddies for their lunch pub date.

Also watched an episode of Penn & Teller FU, and saw some great magic acts.

Plans for tomorrow:
Catch up on Tivo
Watch fireworks on TV. I can hear the Great America ones from here, and maybe even see a little of them
There will be clandestine illegal fireworks from the Hindus across the street. Individual Hindus, not the official temple.
Maybe see a movie.

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