Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Quiet except for the loud bangs

Stayed in bed till 1 pm, tablet in hand, falling down the rabbit hole known as The Internet. Found a new chat site, talked to people in Asia and Europe until the free trial ran out. Solved a LinkedIn mystery - I had been getting legit email from the site telling me I had numerous connection invitations, but when I logged in there were none. Turns out people who know me found a very old profile which uses my standard email address, but for the last several years I am hireme at howeird dot come as far as the job sites go. Had to reset the password for the old profile in order to nuke it. People should still be able to find me by name.

Finally up and unplugged the car, and checked Old Glory - as expected it had wrapped itself around the mast, but I keep a garden pole nearby to flip it out of furled status. It stayed unfurled the rest of the day.

Lunch was a tiny bit of duck fat on rye, toped with chopped liver topped with semi-carbonized onions. The remaining 4 mochi for dessert.

Watched the rest of The Bachelorette, FFed past about half of it, which was way too much of Chris The Asshat spewing verbal vomit about how it was all about him, and why was everyone attacking him? He has been voted Most Likely To Return With An AR-15. Some of the other guys were seriously scared he would go Postal. I cheered out loud when she sent him home. After the end of the day, he got so upset when that day's 1-on-1 date came back with a rose that he walked a few blocks to the hotel she was in, knocked on her door and insisted on talking to her.

It's kind of sad, because he had gotten the first 1-on-1 of the show, and it was a very successful date. I was on his side then, and I am pretty sure that she was too, which is why she didn't need to spend any more time alone with him. He took that to mean she wasn't interested.

The rose ceremony sent home the other remaining asshat, plus one guy who didn't have much of a personality. Her day with the stunt man went really well, once she recovered from the disastrous group date of the day before.

You can see how bored I am.

Also watched another Penn & Teller FU, this time it was magicians who had fooled them before. All the acts were great, but now that they do bios of each one before their stage show, I FF a lot. Like The Voice and America's Got Gonads, I want to see the performance untainted by background. Tell me later that he is the autistic son of Afgan refugees whose faith in Jesus Alou cured his affliction and gave him a .367 batting average.

Deleted the last two days of news. It will all be fires and fireworks and fireworks fire warnings and the weather, presented by 3rd stringers.

Dinner was my last three turkey dogs on wheat with Dijon and sauerkraut, mixed veggies and a pickle. A bag of cantaloupe slices and some strawberries for dessert. The cantaloupe is mostly ripe now. So was one of the peaches, so I had that as a snack. And some lox as a snack too.

Nothing delivered, nothing on order so I remedied that by ordering a HUGE pet water fountain and a pack of filters to replace algae central, coated vitamin C 1000mg, and meat stick treats.

At 8:30, way too early because it is still light out, there was a major professional fireworks display close by, which was mostly hidden behind the only tall tree in the mobile home park, but reflected in the glass wall of the Google Cloud building. Spook not only wasn't afraid of the loud bangs, she jumped onto the porch window sill to watch. Spot yelled a lot, but he always yells a lot. He came right up to the screen door to yell at me when I went out onto the porch to see what I could of the show.

Before they built the Hindu-magnet condos across the street, I could see the fireworks at Great America from my carport. Now I can hear but not see them. They started at 9:30, I think.

In gardening news, the Bee Balm which my sister suggested is blooming.

The row behind it is milkweed.

Indoors, started a fresh planting of cat greens. Loaded the huge pan and a cookie sheet into the dishwasher along with the gunked up mason jar and assorted flatware.

Plans for tomorrow:
Lowe's, buy a new flag, if they are on sale
Take down the faded flag
Maybe fly the Coast & Geodetic Survey flag for a while. It was swag from when I worked in the NOAA warehouse on Lake Union for the summer of 1970. Or was it 71? Anyhow, that flag was replaced by the then-new NOAA flag, so my boss let me take one home. And I also got a tiny union jack, probably because it was too small for the vessels we supported.
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