Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Another nothing day, almost

I forced myself to get up with the 7:30 alarm because I have to kick the habit of the Tablet making me late getting out of bed. Had a banana for breakfast, thought about making scrambled eggs but it seemed too ambitious.

Actually, before I got into the shower I was feeling low energy, took my Hgl, which was 65, way low, so breakfast was a bowl of ice cream. The banana was 2nd breakfast. By then Hgl was 125.

I downloaded the Hugo short story nominees which I missed the first time and emailed them to my tablet. Did the same with the retro packet. Opened the Kindle app and pared down the content a bit - anything which was an excerpt instead of the whole book got 86ed, ditto any works which were watermarked across each page. And anything which was purely fantasy. The award is for science fiction, let the fantasy works try for the almost as prestigious Nebula or the single-genre World Fantasy awards.

Started reading Seanan's entry. I love her writing style but not enough to follow her into the bloody worlds she usually creates. The first chapter has me hooked, so far. If it gets gory I'll stop. The setup is a bit like that of the musical Matilda, which one of my long-ago theater co-stars starred in on Broadway.

That done, it was off to Lowe's ISO deals on a 4x6 American flag. There were no deals. Lots of flags and flag/holder and flag/staff sets, but all at inflated prices. The direct replacement for mine was $30. On Amazon the same one was $22. But Amazon revealed that it was made in Asia. I thought about the irony, but canceled that order and later went with a comparable one made in the USA. Total cost with shipping was $30, so with sales tax here but not online that's $3 less than Lowe's.

But I was also in the market for a new clock/weather station to replace the dying one on my night table. They had several, I chose the $40 one with the largest clock section. Not available online, next best was $45. So I did not come home empty handed.

Nothing delivered, nothing important in the mail. Moved the pheromone diffuser from the now-closed guest room to the outlet in the kitchen above the food & water.

Replaced the fading battery in my car remote, and as it was my last one, ordered a pack of 20 more.

Lunch was beef stew over rice. Still having low Hgl readings, so rice helped. Cantaloupe for dessert.

Took an undercoat comb to Spook, who loved it, and removed maybe a pound of fur. There's plenty left.

Did a load of pots & pans. 

Dinner was baked chicken thigh with mixed veggies. Watched Graham Norton, apparently the season closer. Excellent as usual. Even enjoyed the musical guest. Watched the news which as predicted was fires and fireworks, but also the EPA administrator's resignation analyzed to death. My nephew's wife is an attorney for the EPA. I suspect she is not thrilled with recent changes. Am finally fed up with Channel 2's amateurs and interminable weather, so have switched the recording to channel 5.

I think I watched some Match Game also. Alex Trebec was one of the panelists. He asked Jeopardy style questions. 

One of the FB Peace Corps pages asked for photos of our homes in-country, and it appears I don't have any. All but one of my Bangkok apartments (3 of 4 were slums) were torn down to make a super-highway, that one was a room in a family sized home which many years later had a big apartment building built around it. I tried to find it on Google Maps street view, but kept getting a hotel on a similarly named street. My house at the research center is not searchable as the area is now a military base. I have pictures of the campus soccer field and some of my co-workers but not of my home.

Spent some time correcting people who were wrong on the internet. And cracking jokes.

Set up auto-pay on the new credit card.

Put batteries in the new weather station. Retired the way too expensive Bose radio/CD player which was only serving as an alarm clock, and the old weather station/clock and put the new one on the night stand. Went outside to replace the old weather sensor with the new one on the back wall by the bedroom window.

Janice emailed that she's good to drive "carefully" so we'll meet Saturday in MV Starbucks.

Emailed a response to a plea for voices to help with a sing-through of Pirates, set for Monday evening in MV.

Plans for tomorrow:
Pack breakfast banana & lunch
Start at The Hole. If no wi-fi then take laptop, gamepad and USB keyboard to Hole 2 and test the TV more.
If there is wi-fi, go to Hole 2 and bring the TV back to Hole 1.

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