Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

And then it occurred to me how ludicrous it is

Gay actors have been playing straight characters since ancient Greece, but let one movie studio cast a straight woman to play a transsexual, and all hell breaks loose.

Moving right along, it was a typical Sunday morning, except for the return to Fry's. The replacement weather station, as it turns out, doesn't show the actual barometric pressure. Instead it shows a graphic which is supposed to predict what the weather will look like, based on changes to air pressure. The graphic takes up 1/4 of the screen and will show clouds and or sun and grass with a flower growing, but the clincher is the manual says they are guessing, and allow 10 days for them to get it on track.

Just give me the number.

So I boxed it up, returned it for store credit and paid another $17 for one which does it all.

Spot escaped as I was going out the door, but this time did not want to be brought back inside, so I left him out. Last time he showed up in an hour at the front porch.

Next stop, the car wash. $26 + tip is outrageous, but nobody nearby does it better. Huge number of cars on a sunny Sunday cut into the tip, it took about half an hour and they parked me behind some anal retentive a-hole with a huge urban assault vehicle which took another 20 minutes to get out of my way. He had to check every inch of his beast inside and out.

Home, set up the new weather station and the temp readings both inside and outside were way high.**

Lunch was chopped liver & toasted onions on rye with another slice of black forest cake and ginger ale with real ginger chips.

I left the kitchen door open, and after a short time Spot showed up in front of it yelling the get let back in. Spook was not happy about this turn of events. She had already commandeered the top of the tall cat tree.

Did stuff online, then went outside to unplug the car to go for a massage, but across the street neighbors were out so I went over to chat for half an hour.

Took what I thought was the fastest route to the massage place, but it wasn't. Weekends my usual person isn't on duty, I should have checked before I went. The person who did the honors was very good, but not the best ever. My person works Friday evenings, so I will try again Friday after work.

Home, tempted to make a couple of stops (Whole Foods, the gun range) but didn't. **checked the weather station, temps had stabilized into accurate readings.

Actually, come to think of it, Spot escaped because I had both hands full bringing out the stepladder to take the flag down.

Looked up a sourdough pancake recipe for dinner, and made it. Massive bubble reaction adding the baking soda. Added too much milk, so got thin pancakes. The last three were whole pan sized because they were too liquid. Used up all my discarded sourdough starter. The pancakes tasted okay, but not okay enough to save the leftovers. Dessert was chocolate mint ice cream with chocolate fudge syrup. Next time I'll heat the fudge first.

Watched one more round of Match Game, and the channel 5 news. They too are all about fires, but they do save some time for news. I set up to also record channels 4 and 7 to see if any of them work for me.

I ran my Twitch channel all evening, showing three web cams and my PC cam. I don't think anyone tuned in.

No storm chasers, which is odd because there were storms.

Plans for tomorrow:
Start in The Hole
If no wifi go to the break room to log in.
Fake it from there
No email from the Pirates sing-through, so probably will be going home after work


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