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Up on time, read some before getting out of bed, AG called while I was getting dressed and again when I was taking meds, so I called him back when I got on the road. He had a weekend full of birthday parties, friends of his son and his wife.

Lots of traffic, people are back from vacation, but I was early enough that the off-ramp was a breeze.

In the hole, still no internet, so took my laptop to the break room and checked in from there, and grabbed an egg and a couple of sodas and took them back to the hole to run two tests on the TV**

But first I checked with Verizon and they said my plan includes tethering, and the reason I wasn't able to do that last week is probably I didn't have a good cell phone signal. So I tried it again and got the TV set up.

 *1 - had the TV scan for channels on the antenna, it found 10 then rebooted itself, forgetting all of them. 2- Plugged a DVD player into component inputs, and sure enough the TV didn't see the DVD playing. Double checked by plugging it into my non-Android TV and watched some of Howard The Duck. I need to bring in a better DVD.

Nothing else I could test without internet.

Back to the break room with the laptop to file bugs.

Lunch was a steamer bowl and cantaloupe.

Back to The Hole, for the rest of the day I watched Comet TV - old sci-fi movies, Dr. Phil and whatever else was on the air waves. Every half hour or so I tethered my laptop to the phone and checked email. Turns out the build I was expecting won't be done till Wednesday. No word from Google on any progress with the internet bill.

Also no word from the Pirates sing-through, so I went home. At least two of my FB friends posted about being at the sing-thru. So I am bummed.

Dinner was hot dogs on rye with mustard & sauerkraut with a side of cheese-covered macaroni. Chocolate mint ice cream for dessert, this time I heated the fudge first.

Watched PTI which was better than it should have been with two substitute hosts. Also watched another Penn & Teller and the first segment of The Bachelorette. No time to play the three news recordings.

Got locked out of my Kaiser account because without warning they changed the password rules, and mine did not comply. Instead of the usual "please change your password" it gave me "wrong password" messages until it locked me out and forced me to reset it. I am not pleased.

Logging in, I saw my cardiologist appointment is not tomorrow, it's the day after. I also need to get my nails done soon. Not at Kaiser, though.

Plans for tomorrow
Watch a lot of TV
If the internet comes back I will be surprised

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